How to Watch Live TV Online

Sling TV streams live sports from ESPN.Sling TV streams live sports from ESPN.You can't beat watching something as it happens on live TV. The thrill of the last-second shot in basketball. The moment they announce the winner of "American Idol." Seeing the season premiere of "NCIS" without fear of spoilers.

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Editor's note: The original article had also recommended TV streaming service Aereo, which subsequently lost a Supreme Court challenge to its business model by several major broadcasters.

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  • As a "new, former Dish Network" customer, Dish's "Dish Online" service was a portal to Hulu Plus. There was never anything live about it. Having subscribed to Hulu Plus, I find that more than what was available through Dish Online and costs $8/mo. rather than $88 / mo. I was paying for Dish. At this moment, it is even possible to get Hulu Plus for free using Bing points.

    I'll not be going back to Dish anytime soon.
  • You mention all these ways yet completely pass up PlayOn? It's actually a great service at a low price.
  • I'm on my 3rd different Slingbox since 2007.

    If you've got good upload at the source, do it. I've got 13.4Mb/s upload in the UK, and in Asia (even as far as Guam) it was a wonderful alternative over hotel TV.

    No subscription required. No subscription required.No subscription required.No subscription required.