Best Tablets on the Market Now

Tablets put the Web, games and hundreds of thousands of apps at your fingertips to keep you entertained and make you more productive. But there's a wide array of options when it comes to operating systems, sizes and prices, which makes finding the right slate a challenge. Our overall favorite is the Apple iPad Air 2, but that's far from the only great option. Whether you're a mobile professional, parent, student or bargain hunter, you'll find the right device for you on our list of the best tablets for every kind of shopper.

How We Rate Tablets

We review dozens of tablets each year and rate them on a 5-star scale using a combination of subjective criteria (design, ease of use), our own benchmarks (such as our battery, audio, transcoding video and display tests) and synthetic benchmarks (3DMark and Geekbench).

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  • I'm surprised the T200 didn't knock the T100 off the list.
  • as far as i am concern, i prefer iPad air too much ! no matter its aluminium case housing, function and performance design, the practical using experience is more far overwhelmed other models, so ultra thin, top quality feeling!
  • Sorry, any tablet that can't really handle true multi-tasking can never be "the best" in my opinion. That immediately eliminates the iPad. Although it could still be the best iOS tablet.

    Android tablets have been multi-tasking well for years. It's no longer a bonus feature.
  • The MTK has taken over most of the cheap device market.
  • Almost a year back I would easily recommend the Nexus series. Nexus 7 was one the best offers available , good price excellent performance. I have used both versions and both offered excellent value. Based on current reviews , as I have not used any new tablet , I would buy Amazon Fire series or the Nexus 9
  • Hard to call the iPad the best overall. They're overpriced and under powered compared to the competition.