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Best Shows to Watch on Hulu Right Now

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I love it when fall really hits. No, I'm not talking about when kids go back to school, or the first time I get to break out my leather jacket. I'm talking about when fall TV comes back. I'm happy to report that this splendid time has finally come. Shows new and old have returned, and you can check them all out on Hulu Plus. This fall brings back old TV favorites like Castle, and introduces some newcomers like Anthony Anderson's comedy, Black-ish.

But where to start? That depends totally on what you're looking for. If you love Scandal, then maybe Shonda Rimes' newest creation, How to Get Away with Murder, is the one for you. Looking for some light comedic fare that will have you snorting into your cornflakes? Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back for its second season and dares you not to laugh. This fall is all about strong ensembles, from the actors at Once Upon a Time to the cast of Nashville. Whatever your poison, Hulu Prime's got you covered. Here's what you should be watching right now.


ABC's black-ish - Trailer

Take Modern Family, give it sharper teeth, and you've got Black-ish, a new comedy from executive produces Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne, who also star. I was skeptical about this show in the way I'm skeptical about all family-centered sitcoms. But Black-ish is far from the usual or the average. A black family in an affluent and mostly white neighborhood struggles to keep in touch with its origins. It shouldn't be funny — but it really is. Laurence Fishburne as Pops reviles the dinner his daughter-in-law made (baked fried chicken), asking her, "What, is fried-fried chicken too black for you?" The horrified look on Andre's (Anderson's) face is priceless as he realizes that none of his kids know that Obama was the first black president. These moments and more make Black-ish one to watch. New episodes are available every Thursday.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Trailer

This show has definitely taken up the torch for the 30-minute sitcom. Helmed by Andre Braugher (Blended) and former Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg, this ensemble-driven comedic farce is back and better than ever before. The second season began with Samberg's Jake Peralta returning from his brief stint undercover. He may have left the mafia life behind, but naturally, he gets pulled back in. New episodes are available every Monday.

Castle, Season 7

Castle - Season 7 is Almost Here!

While you weren't looking, ABC's crime drama Castle quietly began its seventh season at the end of September, and the show is doing some interesting new things. Murder mystery author Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) and detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) began the show as a pair of mismatched co-workers solving crime together. Think Murder She Wrote, but with two people who eventually fall in love with each other. Speaking of which, the duo took a page from the Bones playbook and were set to tie the knot until Rick disappeared. The season premiere shows what happens when Rick returns, and where he and Kate will go from here, opening a new chapter in the show's unfolding story.

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy - Season 11 Sneak Peek

In TV years, at 11 seasons, Grey's is practically a senior citizen. But because this is a Shonda Rimes-helmed affair, don't expect things to get any easier for surgeon Meredith Grey. In fact, life only looks to get more challenging now that Meredith has dug her heels in and refused to leave Seattle while her McDreamy husband Derek has accepted a job in Washington, D.C. I don't know what will happen this season, but I do know that if Rimes breaks up Meredith and Derek, it will surely displease fans. New episodes are available every Friday.

How to Get Away with Murder

How To Get Away With Murder - Trailer

I love me some Viola Davis. The star of The Help, Prisoners and Ender's Game is a strong and versatile actress. I love her so much that I am willing to overlook this show's ridiculous title. I decided as much before I even watched the premiere, and now that I have, I am triply committed. Davis stars as an insanely talented law professor who forms love triangles with a few of her students. It's part murder mystery, part legal drama and all awesome. New episodes are available every Friday.

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Nashville - Season 3 Promo

ashville is definitely an acquired taste. The show harkens back to an age in TV when the question on everyone's lips was, "Who killed JR?" It's an old-school, flashy, nighttime soap opera, and I, for one, can't get enough of it. That's probably because Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights) is so enchanting that I believe her portrayal as a country music legend even though her voice is, shall we say, not the greatest. The new season begins with Britton's Rayna James picking the man she'll marry and Scarlett O'Connor (Clare Bowen) deciding whether her future will be as a songwriter or a normal girl. Juliet Barnes' (Heroes' Hayden Panettiere) career is taking off with a new movie role, while her personal life continues to suffer. Juicy! New episodes are available every Thursday. 

Once Upon a Time, Season 4

Once Upon a Time - Season 4 Promo

Before you sit down to watch Once Upon a Time, it's crucial that you completely suspend your disbelief and accept just plain silliness. In the continuing saga starring a bunch of Disney's fairytale characters battling curses while living in the human world, the crazy-ante has been upped. This season introduces fan favorites Elsa and Anna of the animated hit Frozen. Episodes are available every Monday.

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    CaedenV , September 2, 2014 5:21 PM
    So I felt like I was missing out on cable and TV, so I picked up Hulu Plus for a few months to 'catch up' with mainstream shows... turns out that the shows are rubbish, and paying for the right to watch commercials is one of the dumbest 'features' ever to hit the internet. I thought that I would enjoy Hulu enough to get a real cable service... but it isn't even worth the $8/mo for Hulu... how on earth do people justify their cable bills?
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