Tempur-Pedic’s cheapest mattress is over $1,000 off in new close-out sale

The Tempur-Pedic Essential Mattress shown on a light wooden bedframe with a blue price drop sales badge overlaid
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Tempur-Pedic mattress has launched a time-limited sale featuring a chunky 30% saving on the Tempur-Essential boxed bed. With this discount you can buy a Tempur-Essential mattress from $1,189 and get two free pillows at Tempur-Pedic. The Essential is the brand’s cheapest bed and your best bet if painful joints are ruining your sleep at night, and you have a smaller budget.

This 30% saving plus the two free Tempur-Cloud pillows is the best deal we’ve seen from the brand since Black Friday. You could save up to $1,195 (up to $1,019 off the mattress plus $188 of free pillows), so now is a great time to buy the Tempur-Essential. This is a close-out model though, so you don’t get a trial period or returns with this bed. However you still get a 10-year warranty and free mattress installation with old removal.

The Tempur-Essential is a great way to experience the pain-relieving pressure of NASA-developed Tempur foam without paying the price of premium Tempur-Pedic beds. We recommend the Essential for people with general aches and pains, but for deep back and hip pain we actually recommend the Tempur-Adapt (from $1,699 at Tempur-Pedic) – that bed scored such a high rating among our testers for pressure relief that it now ranks highly in our best mattress guide.

Tempur-Pedic Essential Mattress

Tempur-Pedic Essential Mattress
from $1,699
Now: from $1,189.30
Saving: up to $1,019 plus two free pillows at Tempur-Pedic

Summary: The Tempur-Pedic Essential Mattress is the cheapest option in the brand’s range of beds made using NASA-developed Tempur foam, which offers a similar feel to the best memory foam mattresses. It’s an excellent introduction to the pressure relieving prowess of Tempur-Pedic beds, and while there are better options for pressure relief, they cost nearly double the price of the Tempur-Essential. There are four layers inside this 10” mattress, starting with a moisture-wicking cover that draws sweat away from the deeper layers – this is similar to the function of top-rated cooling mattresses. The Comfort Layer and Support Layer are where most of the action takes place, working together to constantly map and mould your curves to relieve all pressure points. You may hate this if you don’t like feeling stuck in a mattress, but if you enjoy cozy beds that hug you all night long, the Tempur-Essential is worth buying. Similar to Saatva’s Guardian antimicrobial treatment, all Tempur-Pedic mattresses come with an antimicrobial treatment to stop the growth of mold and mildew, and to protect against dust mites. 

Price history: Monthly Tempur-Pedic mattress deals fluctuate in terms of savings, so some months you’ll get no money-off discount but $300 of free bedding instead. Other months you may get $300 off but no free bedding. So this current sale, with 30% off the Tempur-Essential and two free Cloud pillows is among the best offers we see from the brand. This is a close-out sale though, so keep in mind that all sales are final – no returns or exchanges. So if you’re set on the Tempur-Essential and want to experience Tempur foam on a budget, this is a great buy. 

Benefits: 10-year warranty | Free white glove delivery

When is the best time to buy a Tempur-Pedic mattress?

There are five major mattress sales in each calendar year and these represent the best time to buy a mattress. The forthcoming Memorial Day mattress sales, taking place on the third Monday in May, are a great time to buy a Tempur-Pedic mattress if you want a model that isn’t part of the Close-Out sale. 

Based on previous sales that we have tracked, Tempur-Pedic usually lowers the MSRPs on its key mattresses while simultaneously increasing the discounts to around 30% off. That combination delivers a bigger saving than you’d get at other times of the year. 

But for the cheapest Tempur-Pedic mattress outside of major sales periods, Close-Out sales such as this one running right now are the best time to buy a Tempur-Pedic mattress. 

Claire Davies
Senior Sleep Editor, Certified Sleep Science Coach

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