Brooklyn Bedding launches new 25% off flash sale on its firmest mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Plank Firm Luxe
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If you're on the hunt for the best extra firm mattress then look no further than Brooklyn Bedding’s Plank Firm Luxe. This ultra firm mattress is currently 25% off, which means you can save up to $433. This current sale means that a queen size Brooklyn Bedding Plank Firm Luxe is just $1149 , which is reduced from the MSRP of $1,532.

The Plank Firm Luxe is a flippable mattress with two firmness options, making it one of the best mattresses for anyone seeking an extra firm mattress with versatility. The Plank Firm Luxe offers one sleep surface with a firmness rating of 7 out of 10 and a pretty solid 9 out of 10 on the other.  

Sales typically range between 20-30% at Brooklyn Bedding, so we don't expect to see this price bettered until the Memorial Day mattress sales in May. While holding off your purchase until then will likely glean the greatest savings, this is still a mattress sale worth capitalising on if you're in a hurry. Let's take a closer look at this mattress deal. 

Plank Firm Luxe by Brooklyn Bedding

Plank Firm Luxe by Brooklyn Bedding
from $924
Now: from $693
Saving: Up to $433 at Plank Firm Luxe by Brooklyn Bedding 

Summary: The Plank Firm Luxe by Brooklyn Bedding is an extra firm hybrid mattress that is perfect for back and stomach sleepers who need a superior supportive surface. This is a flippable mattress, which means it offers two different sleep surfaces (one side is rated 7/10 for firmness, while the other side is rated 9/10.) The  is an excellent choice for back and stomach sleepers, helping to keep the spine cradled in correct alignment for healthy lumbar support. However, it won't be suitable for all sleepers. For example, the Plank Firm Luxe will be far too firm for side sleepers, who require cushioning around their shoulders, hips and knees. Because of its firmness, it’s a really good option for heavier sleepers who want to remain comfortably on top of the bed and not sink through the mattress' support layers. Unlike it’s older sibling, the all-foam Plank Firm (which features highly on our best firm mattress guide),the Plank Firm Luxe has a layer of supportive coils. As well as providing additional support, these coils promote extra airflow which helps to regulate temperatures and avoid overheating. As you’d imagine from such a firm mattress, the Plank Firm Luxe handles motion transfer very well and also has outstanding edge support, which means you can sleep and sit on the edge without feeling like it could dip or collapse beneath you. 

Price history: Brooklyn Bedding are known for their year long sales which fluctuate between 20-30% off. The bigger discounts tend to be kept back for the major sales events, like Black Friday and the Presidents' Day mattress sales earlier this year. While waiting for the upcoming Memorial Day mattress sales will almost certainly mean greater savings, 25% off is still an excellent saving if you're in a rush for a new bed. 

Benefits:  120 night sleep trial | 10 year warranty | Free shipping

Is an extra firm mattress right for you?

Mattresses are rated out of 10 when it comes to firmness, with extra firm mattresses sitting on the high end of that spectrum. Whilst extra firm mattress can be a great choice for some sleepers, they aren't right for everyone. For example, an extra firm mattress isn't suitable for side sleepers, who require a certain amount of cushioning around their shoulders, hips and knees. 

Benefits of an extra firm mattress include superior support for heavier people, as they hold sleepers on the top of the mattress, as opposed to sinking through the support layers. Not only will this be uncomfortable, it can shorten the life of your mattress. An extra firm mattress also provides unrivalled support for back and stomach sleepers, as well as improving circulation as they distribute weight more evenly, which then reduces the pressure on muscles and veins. 

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