How to Play the New Zelda DLC Right Now

The second expansion for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has finally hit Switch and Wii U, giving Link new armor, new quests, and... a motorcycle?

To play the much-anticipated Champions' Ballad DLC, you'll need to buy the game's $20 Expansion Pass, which also gets you the previously released Master Trials content (there's no way to buy each expansion a la carte). Once you've purchased that, simply make sure your game has the latest software update and boot it up. You'll see a notification that The Champions' Ballad is ready to play.

The Champions' Ballad includes a brand-new quest centered around the four Champions you meet throughout the course of the game, as well as a powerful new weapon called the One-Hit Obliterator and a variety of new armor sets. You'll need to have beaten Breath of the Wild's story to access the new Champions quest, though you can start hunting down the rest of the new content regardless of where you are in the game.

The new DLC introduces armor sets inspired by previous Zelda games, such as Rovio's helmet (A Link Between Worlds) an Island Lobster shirt (The Wind Waker) and a really awesome-looking Phantom Ganon suit (Ocarina of Time).

But the real centerpiece of this DLC is the Master Cycle Zero, a badass motorcycle that you can unlock by completing the main quest. Link tearing through Hyrule on a sick two-wheeler doesn't quite make a ton of sense, but it sure looks fun to use.

The Champions' Ballad seems like a worthy expansion to an already incredible game, and looks to have much more meat on it than the more challenge-focused Master Trials. You can pick up both add-ons for your Switch and Wii U right now.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Michael Andronico

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