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Samsung’s New Foldable Phone Screen May Be Galaxy Infinity V

The name of that foldable display for Galaxy phone Samsung and Google are teaming up for? It may be very well be the Samsung Infinity-V.

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

The trademark filing with the Korean Intellectual Property Office unearthed by Letsgodigital (in Dutch), says that the patent is for smartphones and smartphones displays.

If true, everything seems to be falling in place for the introduction of the Samsung foldable phone, allegedly sometime next month. This trademark filing comes on the heels of a recent patent filing on the company’s foldable display technology.

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The Dutch site speculates that it may also be the trademark name for the Samsung S10’s display, but calling that screen the Infinity V seems weird. There Infinity Display was first introduced in the Galaxy S8. Rather than a roman numeral for the fifth version of the Infinity Display, that V may be a wink at the foldable nature of the new Galaxy.

Personally, I think Samsung should go ahead and just name the entire foldable phone the Galaxy Infinity and call it a day. Hopefully we will know more about it on November 7, at the Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco, California.