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No, Samsung Isn't Changing the Name of the Galaxy S10

Samsung has seemingly decided to keep its Galaxy S10 branding.

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

In a teaser video Samsung published on Thursday alongside its announcement of plans to unveil the new handsets on Feb. 20, the company displayed the number 10 over a gradient that runs from blue to purple. That gradient could have something to do with reports that the handset could come with a gradient finish to add some additional design flair.

But it's the 10 that perhaps matters most in that video. Samsung appears committed to keeping the same naming convention as previous years and simply delivering a device that comes with improved features and a better-looking case.

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Over the last several months, there had been rumors and even some debate over whether Samsung would keep the Galaxy S name in this year's major update. Some had said that Samsung would try to get away from numbers altogether and try to go with something that wouldn't lock it into counting each year.

However, it appears Samsung has decided to stick it out.

Samsung will hold its press conference for the Galaxy S10 lineup on Feb. 20. And as always, Tom's Guide will be there to cover every last detail.

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