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Galaxy S10 Benchmarks Beat Every Android Phone (But Not iPhone)

We just got new Geekbench 4 scores of the incoming Exynos-based Samsung Galaxy S10, thanks to Ice Universe revealing them on Twitter. 

The quick take: the phone is not as quick as the A12 Bionic, but it gets close. Check the scores out:

Credit: Ice Universe

(Image credit: Ice Universe)

The 4,427 single-core score and 10,387 multi-core score makes the Exynos 9820 phone the fastest Android phone on the planet — at least for now. Other Android phones have come close, such as the Snapdragon 845-powered Huawei Mate 20 Pro (9,973) and OnePlus 6T (8,972), but the Galaxy S10 is on pace to trounce its Android competition.

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The Exynos-based Galaxy S10 series beat the reference Qualcomm Snapdragon 855’s scores, which is the one that will come to the US market thanks to Qualcomm’s legal muscle.

The Exynos S10 beats the only known benchmark for the Snapdragon 855 version of the S10, getting a single-core score of 3,413 and multi-core of 10,256.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max beat it easily in multi-core: 11,420 and 11,515 respectively.

In single-core Geekbench4, the iPhone XS gets 4,797 as does the XS Max. Apple’s A12 Bionic-based devices are still the kings of phone performance for now.

Cover Image: 91Mobiles

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