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Pixel 3 XL Sprouts Embarrassing Second Notch

With the ability to screen your calls, silence itself with a flip and pick out the best photo in a bunch on its own, the Pixel 3 XL is one of the smartest phones ever. And, at least temporarily, it's also one of the ugliest.

Credit: UrAvgConsumer/Twitter

(Image credit: UrAvgConsumer/Twitter)

Thanks to a weird bug, some Pixel 3 owners are complaining that a second notch is appearing on the right side of their phones. 

Android Police, which first reported the issue, says that Google is working on a fix that should be “coming soon.”

But in the meantime, affected Pixel 3 XL owners are left to marvel at a notch twin just as deep and unattractive as the real notch towards the top of this flagship.

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Realizing some would be turned off by the original notch, Google has allowed users to hide it via software. But for this bug, the temporary fix seems to be to either reset the phone or tweak the developer settings.

How did this happen? As Android Police notes, the issue could be related to screen rotation. So the affected phones could be confused about whether they’re in portrait or landscape mode.

We'll provide an update once Google has issued a fix.