The 10 Best Games You Can’t Play Anymore

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  • pandamanana
    That's the biggest problem with online exclusive games... I really wish more MMO developers would repackage their MMOs as singleplayer games or with LAN once they stop running the servers... I'd play games like T4C as singleplayer games, even if they aren't meant to be played like that.
  • Vorador2
    Once MMOs die the developers should release the original code under GPL and the assets as freeware. They're not gonna profit off it anymore, so why not give it to the fans so they keep it alive?.
  • Thorfkin
    A lot of older discontinued MMO's can still be played on fan-operated servers. For example Ultima Online. You can reconfigure the official game client to connect to any of the numerous free fan servers. These vary in quality and features but there are enough to choose from to keep things interesting for the most part.
  • iamadev
    The worst thing about star wars galaxies was the way the devs just kept on messig with things. They had a genuinely unique MMO and tried, patch after patch, to turn it into yet another WoW clone which eventually killed it.

    Shame on you SOE for destroying what could have been a great MMO just because you "only" had 100Ks of users instead of 5mil that WoW had at the time. In the end you had to kill it off instead of continuing to make money. The outcry from the public was deafening yet they carried on ruining it.
  • nukemaster
    RIP COH, You will be missed.....

    The only MMO I actually wanted to play for more than a month. Shame they messed with it soo much at the end too.