10 Cheap TV Antennas (Under $20) Ranked Best to Worst

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  • biggsy.bdv
    Just wanted to point out that nearly all these indoor HI-Def Digital TV aerials flooding the Australian market have screw in type coaxial connectors but none of our TV's do. They are all female push in coaxial sockets on our TV's so the screw in connectors render these aerials pretty much useless to the average person. Not saying they don't work because they do but it's a very fiddly job to modify them especially with the thin gauge cheap cable attached to these flat aerials and most people wouldn't bother. Just Saying.
  • kep55
    Interesting. And here we are using a 20 some year old Yagi outdoor antenna and we're picking up stations from 40 to 70 miles away as clear as bell. Even getting some low power stations from 30 miles away. And all I did was buy a Channel Master in-line amp. I bet that old Yagi would work even better if it hadn't lost half its cross bars.
  • wvrheidi11
    How will I know which channels I will get with n antenna vs cable? Can I get Netflix? How about NESN? I live in New England in a house surrounded by trees. I want to cut my cable bill but want to undertand what channels I get first.