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Tom's Guide to Online PDF File Creation

Free PDF Convert

When you conduct a Google search for free PDF conversion services, you get many results. Among them is, which as it turns out, is indeed free, though it is somewhat limited.

PDF-to-Word conversion is limited to only three pages with the free version. But if you’re willing to pay $9 a month then you can convert as much as you want. On the other hand, Word-to-PDF conversion doesn’t seem to have a page limit, and in our test case, we were able to convert the 24-page Magna Carta Word document quickly and without incident. There is, however, a 2-MB file upload limit for the conversion.

You can receive your converted files via email and directly through the browser, though Free PDF does use ZIP files for both types of delivery – so you’ll have to unzip the files first before you can actually read them.

free pdf convert

During the Magna-Carta-Word-file-to-PDF conversion, we ended up with broken graphs that were not broken in the original word file. That’s a bad thing, which likely should cause users to consider using a different service. Our test was a basic one, as was the file, and there was no good reason why the PDF should end up with formatting different than the original Word file (especially since none of the other PDF converters tested had a problem with this same file).

free pdf convert

For Website-to-PDF conversion, we tested the main index page of Tom’s Guide to see the result. As you can see below, the file was converted without issue.

free pdf convert

The service failed our XLS test.