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Galaxy S10 Design Changes “Very Significant,” Says Samsung CEO

For many fans, the Galaxy S9 was a yawn. Like the iPhone Xs to the iPhone X, Samsung’s S9 was an uninspired iteration on the S8’s Infinity Display industrial design. But Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh says that the S10’s aesthetic changes will be “very significant.”

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Talking to Chinese media, Koh didn’t go beyond that remark. Right now there are quite a few Galaxy S10 rumors that talk about new types of surfaces and colors, but that is far from the “very significant” category.

What would be significant is the addition of an ultrasonic fingerprint reader in the display, which is reportedly coming from Qualcomm. This will allow you to unlock your device by simply pressing the screen and would be a fine alternative to Apple’s Face ID.

Colors are a superficial change and Koh seems to be implying that Samsung is going to do something that will make you stop and do a double take. In a market where almost every other phone looks exactly the same, perhaps the company has realized that it needs to take the initiative once again.

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We know that Koh has previously said that the S10 will not be the foldable Galaxy X, so that radical departure is out of the question. And the top-of-
the-line ultra-premium model — there will be three— will likely have a five-camera setup. That is a very significant change in terms of hardware, one that will affect the its looks. But also not in a radical way.

The Galaxy S10 is still months away from release, with analysts’ consensus pointing at a Mobile World Congress reveal at the end of February. Let’s hope Samsung really tries to do something turly different and beautiful. Otherwise, its Chinese competition — including its Asian nemesis, Huawei — will really end up eating its lunch.

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