This Galaxy Note 8 Design Is a Real Stunner

You may still be getting used to the expansive look of the new Galaxy S8, but concept designers are already turning their attention to Samsung's next phone.

A new 6.4-inch Note 8 is almost all screen up front. Credit: Mushin Auckburaully/DBS Designing

(Image credit: A new 6.4-inch Note 8 is almost all screen up front. Credit: Mushin Auckburaully/DBS Designing)

We may be months away from seeing what Samsung has planned for the Galaxy Note 8, but that's not stopping some designers from taking their own stab at what Samsung's super-sized phone might look like.

And in the case of the Note 8 concept put together by designer Mushin Auckburaully, it's a pretty eye-catching phone. The concept video, posted to DBS Designing's YouTube channel and highlighted at BGR, shows a phone that takes the S8's Infinity Display and expands it even further.

What's appealing about Auckburaully's concept video — besides the fact that the phone's screen seemingly goes on forever — is that it doesn't veer off into the realm of speculative fiction. Instead, the specs Auckburaully used as the inspiration for his design square with the Galaxy Note 8 rumors we've heard so far about Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, which is expected to feature a 6.4-inch screen that stretches from one end of the phablet to the other.

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In Auckburaully's vision for the Note 8, that screen is a Quad HD+ display, and the phone features 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and a USB Type-C port — all specs that take their cues from expanding upon the Galaxy S8 and previous versions of the Note. Like those phones, Auckburaully's concept would be water-resistant.

We hope the real Note 8 picks up on this concept design's vision for the cameras — a dual rear camera setup featuring a pair of 16-megapixel shooters. The concept design features a 13-MP front camera.

With the Galaxy S8, Samsung reportedly tried to move the fingerprint sensor under the front display but ran into production issues before ultimately putting it on the back of the phone next to the camera. Auckburaully doesn't force the sensor onto the front of the phone but does reposition it so that it's underneath the vertically-aligned rear cameras.

Other than confirming that it plans to revive the Note lineup after year's embarrassing Note 7 recall, Samsung hasn't said much about its plans for the phablet, including when we can expect to see the Note 8. Samsung unveiled the last version of the phone in August 2016 to get a jump on the iPhone 7's debut.

Last weekend, the executive director of the IFA trade show dangled the possibility that Samsung could take the wraps off its next phone at that event. This year's IFA kicks off on Sept. 1 in Berlin.

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