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How to Change Theme in Galaxy Note 5

So you got a snazzy new Galaxy Note 5 and don't like the way Samsung's TouchWiz software looks. Thankfully, the Korean company added an easy way for you to install themes on your Galaxy, so you can change up the way your phone's insides look. Here's how to apply a new theme on your Galaxy Note 5.

1. Swipe down from top on the home screen to pull down the Notifications drawer.

2. Tap the gear Settings icon on the top right.

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3. Press the Themes button.

4. Select the theme that you want to install, or press the Theme Store button at the bottom of the page to find more designs.

5. Tap Download on a theme you like.

6. Press Apply after the pattern is done downloading.

7. Tap Apply on the window that pops up.

Your phone will take on the new skin without having to restart. Almost every part of the interface will match the new theme, including the keyboard, the notifications drawer, app icons and apps such as Phone, Messages and Contacts.

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