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Palm Pre to Launch May 16 at the Earliest

Last week’s reports stemmed from Palm forums, with one user claiming to have been told the phone would hit stores on Tax Day, April 15.

Posting on the Everything Treo "Inittowinit” said that a Sprint customer-service rep told him he could get his hands on the device on the 15th or 16th of this month, with a two year agreement. Inittowini also said that despite what he’d been told by the Sprint employee he found it unlikely that the Pre would be available so soon.

Engadget today posted a screen shot which apparently shows a roadmap for Sprint releases, including the required delivery date for each device and the planned launch date. While it looks like the carrier had yet to set a date for the device launch, it has penciled in May 16 as the required delivery date. Given that Sprint launches are often on a Sunday, it’s likely the Pre will see the light of day on either May 17 or 24.

Credit: Engadget

(Image credit: Engadget)

While there's still no official word on price, Innittowinit said the customer-service rep told him the Pre would cost $300 after discounts. Despite this being a shakey rumor at best, it’s better than nothing. With that said, $300 is a price tag and a half.

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  • hillarymakesmecry
    $300? Too much money if a 2 year agreement is involved.

    Lots of people are going to be dissapointed when the get a Pre and learn they're going to have to put up with craptacular Sprint cell phone service for 2 years.

    Palm put the last nail in their coffin when they inked the deal with Sprint. To all the other cell phone manufacturers, please use a real carrier. Sprint is a joke!
  • tweak13
    I agree - I was excited to see this phone coming but was sorely dissappointed to see that it was exclusive to sprint!

    I'm a member of sprint but Im eagerly awaiting my contract expiration this july, im sick of their crap! Sprint IS a joke.
  • iron-e
    I don't use sprint for data, but their cell coverage is the best I've ever experienced. It works in the elevator in the basement of our building where they store us nerds- and no carrier prior did.
  • tipoo
    *Grumbles and waits for an unlocked version*
  • hillarymakesmecry
    iron-e, you must work next to a sprint tower. I actually think you work in a Sprint building.

    It's well known that Sprint is terrible. Pick up a consumer reports. My friend tollerated mediocre Nextel service but canceled with them almost imediately after Sprint bought them out. Not only is their service horrible, their customer service is even worse!
  • FlayerSlayer
    My Treo 755p + Sprint actually works pretty well. I get reception everywhere, even in valleys and far from town where my Wife's AT&T phone gets nothing. She gets 1 bar on the second floor, I get 2 bars in the basement.

    My question is: which discounts. If I upgrade from a Treo to a Pre, do I get the discount from upgrading AND a discount from a new 2-year contract? Can I get one for under $200? Otherwise, I'll pass and wait for the Palm Pre2.
  • blafrisch
    I happen to like Sprint where I'm at, but to each their own. Cell phone service depends more on location than anything else really. I had AT&T when I first moved here: it didn't work at home, at work, or at any of my friends' places. It did work where I came from though. If you don't get good service then change providers.

    Also, try a service before you switch then you won't be angry to find out it doesn't work. Each provider pretty much has their own pay as you go service so it's dumb to assume something works before you test it out. (In case you were wondering, Virgin Mobile's pay as you go uses Sprint's networks in the US)