Amazon Prime members now get free GrubHub Plus — how to claim yours

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A couple of years ago Amazon Prime teamed up with GrubHub to offer subscribers access to GrubHub Plus. The catch was that the service was only free for a year, after which you’d have to start paying $10 a month — regardless of your Prime status. But things have changed, and GrubHub Plus is now a permanent perk for Prime subscribers.

GrubHub Plus is a premium version of the standard GrubHub service, giving you access to a bunch of exclusive perks. That includes free delivery on orders over $12, lower service fees, exclusive offers and discounts and 5% back when you pick up your order in person. And instead of paying $120 a year for the privilege, it’s all rolled into your $139 Prime subscription.

GrubHub Plus: Free with Amazon Prime

GrubHub Plus: Free with Amazon Prime
Normally costing $10 a month, GrubHub Plus is now free for all Prime members. Simply link your accounts and you'll be able to enjoy a bunch of money-saving features. These include free delivery on orders over $12, exclsuive deals and discounts, 5% back on pickup orders and even lower service fees.

GrubHub Plus is all part of a larger partnership between Amazon and GrubHub. This means Amazon users can place GrubHub orders through the Amazon app and website — regardless of their Prime status. The ordering experience (and prices) will be exactly the same as the ones you’d find in the standalone GrubHub app.

All you have to do is link your GrubHub and Amazon accounts at  

Linking both accounts will activate the GrubHub Plus perks for Prime members, too. That way they can take advantage of all the benefits the service has to offer. However, it’s not entirely clear whether you can still use GrubHub Plus if you order directly with GrubHub, or if you have to place orders via Amazon.

All Amazon Prime members will be able to get a discount as well. Using the code PRIME5 gets you $5 off a single order over $25 between now and June 2.

GrubHub Plus can be canceled at any time, and will be canceled if you ever decide to cancel your Prime membership. Amazon has confirmed that you won’t be transferred to a paid GrubHub Plus membership at any point. 

Even if you don’t order takeout very often, it’s definitely something all Prime members should take advantage of when they can. Even if you only order from GrubHub once, you’re already saving money on delivery and fees. 

If you don’t have Prime, then it may be worth checking it out for this, and the many more Prime perks subscribing has to offer. Free two-day shipping, access to the Prime Video streaming catalog, free games and loot with Prime Gaming, exclusive deals and discounts and more. Prime members will also be the only ones able to take advantage of the Prime Day sales event, which should be happening sometime this summer.

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