Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 colors leaked — and there are some big changes coming

Galaxy Z Fold 5 with S Pen
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The color options for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 may have just been revealed courtesy of Ross Young on Twitter, a display expert with a strong track record of leaking the colors of Samsung's new foldable before launch.

We won't keep you in suspense any longer. According to Young, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be offered in Dark Blue, Light Pink and Silver. Meanwhile, Light Blue, Light Green, Silver and Yellow are the alleged options for the Galaxy Z Flip 6.

We have tables of Samsung's previous foldable colors below so you can see how these rumored hues compare with what's been offered before.

Breaking with tradition

It's interesting to see that Samsung will apparently offer a whole new selection of colors for the Galaxy Z Fold 6, with none of the Galaxy Z Fold 5's options returning. Light pink sounds much more lively than previous available colors for the Galaxy Z Fold series, which has historically been offered in a more staid selection of colors. Without a visual reference, it's hard to know how vivid this light pink will be, but perhaps it means Samsung's trying to strike a new, more playful tone with this year's Z Fold.

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ModelStandard exclusive colors
Galaxy Z Fold 6 (rumored)Dark Blue, Light Pink, SilverTBC
Galaxy Z Fold 5Icy Blue, Phantom Black, CreamGray, Blue
Galaxy Z Fold 4Graygreen, Beige, Phantom BlackBurgundy
Galaxy Z Fold 3Phantom Black, Phantom Green, Phantom SilverNone
Galaxy Z Fold 2Mystic Bronze, Mystic BlackMetallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Metallic Red, Metallic Blue
Galaxy Z FoldSpace Silver, Cosmos BlackNone

Once again, it appears that the Z Flip has more color choices than its big sibling, balancing sensible and fun colors. There are potentially no returning choices here too, although we wonder if the new Yellow and Light Green colorways could resemble the yellow and mint offered for the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Swipe to scroll horizontally exclusives
Galaxy Z Flip 6 (rumored)Light Blue, Light Green, Silver, YellowTBC
Galaxy Z Flip 5Mint, Graphite, Cream, Lavender Gray, Blue, Green, Yellow
Galaxy Z Flip 4Bora Purple, Graphite, Pink Gold, Blue None
Galaxy Z Flip 3Cream, Green, Lavender, Phantom BlackGray, Pink, White
Galaxy Z Flip 5GMystic Bronze, Mystic GrayMystic White
Galaxy Z Flip Mirror Purple, Mirror Black, Mirror GoldNone

As well as these color options revealed by Young, we hope to see more options down the line. There's a high chance Samsung will offer one or two more exclusive colors for its new foldables through its own stores, as it has done for the past several years with all its flagship phones.

It'll likely be this July when we actually see Samsung's 2024 foldables officially for the first time. As well as the two models we've already mentioned, there's potentially going to be a Galaxy Z Fold Ultra model or a cheaper, FE-style version, the first expansion to Samsung's foldable line-up since the original Galaxy Z Flip appeared in 2019. To learn more about the other changes expected for these phones, check in with our Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 hubs, which we regularly update with the latest leaks and tips.

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