WhatsApp killer upgrade just revealed — here's what's new

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WhatsApp is expanding its feature set in a big way. And while many people use the Facebook-owned app to send text messages back and forth, the latest addition targets those who create and send voice messages via Whatsapp.

Specifically, WhatsApp will add a review button that will let you listen to the voice message you’ve recorded before sending it. That’s according to WABetaInfo, which reports that the feature isn't yet available for the public just yet. 

WhatsApp has offered such a feature already, but WABetaInfo notes that it’s rather difficult to use as you had to switch to different sections of the voice message in order to review it. Instead, WhatsApp will add a review button that lets you decide whether to discard the message or send it.

whatsapp voice text review feature

The Review button in an upcoming WhatsApp release (Image credit: WABetaInfo)

This latest feature follow on a previous enhancement to voice messages in WhatsApp that lest users adjust playback speeds when listening to messages they’ve received. That feature’s apparently with beta testers.

There isn't any sort of release date set for the feature just yet, but it's likely coming for users on both iOS and Android in the near future. Given that it's been a bit of a gamble as to what a voice message has sounded like in the past for WhatsApp users reliant on this type of messaging, it's a boon for anyone who sends a lot of voice messages to their WhatsApp friends. Being able to determine if there's some sort of feedback, cut-off voice, or other problem will make it simpler for users to communicate.

WhatsApp hasn’t revealed any future plans for the option just yet, but when it introduces features like this one, you can bet there are likely others that aren’t far away. We’ll have to wait and see what’s still coming down the pipeline when this feature is finally out in the open for everyone to test out. 

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