The Boys season 4 could bring Solider Boy back — here’s what Jensen Ackles said

Jack Quaid (Hughie Campbell) and Jensen Ackles (Soldier Boy) stand in the road in The Boys season 3
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The Boys season 4 could see the return of one of last season's new characters. While season 3 saw Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) taken down, the star insists his character's not out of the picture yet.

In an interview with AwardsRadar's The 'Verse podcast, Ackles was asked to confirm his role in the upcoming spin-off series, The Boys: Gen V. While the Supernatural alum remained tight-lipped about specifics, he did tease there could be some truth to the rumors.

"There's some things out there. I'm not allowed to give anything out, but we'll just say that Soldier Boy is not dead. Thank God." While he's not talking about The Boys season 4 specifically, that quote gives fans room to run with speculation, and reminds us that the classic Supe is not out of the picture.

For Gen V, it was actually Ackles who "gave" something out about his appearance in Gen V. During the Creation New Orleans fan convention in April, Ackles indicated he would be making an appearance along with other Boys stars, telling attendees, "Soldier Boy pops up for a brief moment in this new spin-off of The Boys. In fact, there's a few cameos from the mothership that come into this spin-off." 

Soldier Boy, who debuted in season 3 of The Boys, is a maniacal Captain America pastiche haunted by PTSD after years of experimentation. A member of World War II-era super team Payback, he was betrayed by his team to Russians, who experimented on him for over 20 years. He was then saved by Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), who aims to turn him into a weapon against Homelander (Antony Starr). 

However, that effort backfired with the reveal that Soldier Boy was Homelander's father. The season finale saw Soldier Boy beaten after a spectacular brawl with Butcher and Homelander at The Seven's headquarters. The episode's closing moments show him in the custody of the CIA, asleep inside a gassed chamber but still alive.

Analysis: There's a particular spot for Soldier Boy to fit into The Boys season 4

It's unknown how - or even if - Soldier Boy will factor into Season 4, or anything beyond Gen V. The spin-of series, slated to debut on Prime Video later this year, is based on the volume 4 arc "We Gotta Go Now" from the original The Boys comic book series. That story follows a twisted parody of Marvel's X-Men comics, a group of young superheroes attending a Vought-funded school that aims to train crimefighters.

As for season 4? Currently, Prime Video's Vought YouTube channel is teasing The Boys season 4's potential Homelander trial, and Soldier Boy's involvement with Homelander could make him an interesting witness were he somehow called to testify.

The Boys season 4 recently wrapped filming, and has no announced airdate.

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