The best Galaxy S21 features just hit other Samsung phones with One UI 3.1

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review
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The Galaxy S21 debuted with One UI 3.1, the latest version of Samsung's Android skin. It brought with it several new features, some of which we praised in our reviews of all three phones. But Samsung didn't let those additions remain exclusive to its new flagships for long.

Starting tonight, the phone maker is rolling out One UI 3.1 to the Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Z Fold 2, and Galaxy Z Flip. While not every feature present on the S21 will trickle down to these phones right now, there's still quite a list of goodies for owners of those older devices.

Samsung hasn't divulged the whole list of what's new for these phones just yet, but it did mention some highlights. Here's what we know is coming for sure.

Single Take: This captures several images and short clips of your subject, all at the same time, so that you can get those moments as they happen instead of singular photos.

Object Eraser: This allows you to remove unwanted elements from your image. It won't necessarily save you completely from photo bombs, but it can help remove other pesky things.

Multi Mic Recording: This takes audio input from both the phone's and connected Bluetooth device's microphones to enhance audio quality in video recordings.

Eye Comfort Shield: This is a blue light filter that adjusts the display's blue light emission based on the time of day (similar to the iPhone's True Tone).

Private Share: This lets you control who can access the content you share and for how long. 

A whole lot of changes come with this single One UI point release. Samsung says it is rolling out the update in "select regions" starting tonight.

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