Tesla recalls — everything you need to know

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The number of Tesla recalls has risen dramatically in recent times, but as bad as that might look it's not as concerning as you might think. Few of these problems are related to hardware, and can be fixed with an over-the-air software update. 

No car company is stranger to recalls, but the increasing number of Tesla recalls is catching peoples' attention. CEO Elon Musk has been critical of this, because the issues aren't recalls in the truest sense, and are typically fixed over the air without any physical work. But he doesn't make the rules. Still, when the automaker has to pull features from the already-controversial Full Self Driving beta, it makes a bad problem look even worse.

Here are all the latest Tesla recalls, and everything you need to know.

April 25: Study claims Tesla is the most recalled car brand

A recent study from iSeeCars has identified Tesla as the most recalled car brand on the market. The Model Y has experienced the most recalls, while the Model 3, Model X and Model S came in third, fourth and fifth position. Second place was given to the Porsche Panamera. 

iSeeCars came to this conclusion by investigating the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's recall list between 2014 and 2023. The goal of which was to figure out which cars and the most, or least, recalls over that period.

Coming in second is Porsche, which also has four of the most recalled models, while Volkswagen has 2. Brands like Lexus, Mercedes and Toyota have at least one car on the list. You can read the full results over at InsideEVs.

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April 5:  Tesla Semi is being recalled over brake issues

The tesla Semi truck has only been out on the roads since December, but it's already suffering through its first recall. The issue here is a faulty parking brake, and unlike many Tesla recalls can't be fixed with an over-the-air update.

According to the NHTSA, the faulty lies in the valve module inside the electronic parking brake itself. Apparently that valve doesn't always engage, which would cause the truck to move when the brake pedal is released. 

Tesla will be replacing the valve module with new components designed to prevent air leakage that would otherwise prevent the parking brake from activating properly.

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February 20: 362,000 Teslas recalled over Full-Self Driving issues

Tesla has recalled over 362,000 U.S. vehicles in order to update the Full-Self Driving Beta, after reports that the system could be responsible for crashes — thanks to it not following traffic safety laws.

According to the NHTSA the FSD beta software allowed Tesla cars to "exceed speed limits or travel through intersections in an unlawful or unpredictable manner increases the risk of a crash." 

Tesla has publicly disagreed with the assessment, but would be issuing the recall based on the regulator's request. The recall affects 2016-2023 Model S and Model X cars, 2017-2023 Model 3s and 2020-2023 Model Ys that have the FSD Beta installed. 

tesla model s plaid

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