Streaming service prices in Australia 2024: Netflix, Binge, Stan, Disney Plus and more compared

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Some of the most popular streaming services in 2024 have announced price hikes and introduced ads in their most basic plans, meaning it's getting harder to decipher which streaming services are worth keeping — or cancelling. 

Most of Australia’s best streaming services upped their prices last year, with platforms like Netflix and Binge introducing ads to their cheapest plans. Prime Video is soon following suit, with plans to incorporate ads later this year. 

So, if you need help deciding whether you're hanging onto Netflix for the next season of Bridgerton, or if you're thinking of cancelling Disney Plus in exchange for Apple TV Plus, we're here to help.

Netflix Prices

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Plans on offer

  • Standard with ads (monthly) | AU$6.99
  • Standard (monthly) | AU$16.99
  • Premium (monthly) | AU$22.99

Netflix's plans fall within the average price range of most streaming services, but its cheapest plan (with ads) is the cheapest of any service, coming in at AU$6.99 p/m. Netflix's crackdown on password-sharing is still prevalent this year, and anyone who has a Standard or Premium plan and wishes to share their account with someone outside of their household, will incur a AU$7.99 p/m fee to add an "extra member" to their plan — yikes.

Standard Plan 

Netflix's standard plan has come a long way since it arrived in Australia in 2015. Over the last nine years, its standard plan has jumped $8, from $8.99 monthly to $16.99. However, not much else has changed about the plan itself, as you still only have the ability to watch on two screens simultaneously in HD without ads. 

Standard Plan with Ads

In November, the streaming giant announced its Standard plan with ads, costing viewers AU$6.99 monthly for two screens and HD streaming. Notably, one would think its only catch would be having to sit through four to five minutes of ads every hour; however, subscribers on this plan actually miss out on access to Netflix's full catalogue. Netflix doesn't reveal which content users on this plan will miss out on.

Premium Plan

Netflix's Premium plan allows you to watch content simultaneously on four screens at a time, and all in 4K resolution. As with the standard plan, the premium offering has also climbed AU$8 since its introduction in 2015, currently setting you back AU$22.99p/m

Disney Plus Prices

Disney Plus logo

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Plans on offer

From 5 March 2024, Disney Plus will offer four subscription plans:

Disney Plus, so far, seems to be worth the value. With shows and movies from across the Disney umbrella (Star, National Geographic, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel), no ads, four screens streaming at once, and unlimited downloads, we're pretty satisfied with what Disney offers. 

However, Disney Plus is encouraging current subscribers to switch to a yearly plan by March 4, 2024, to continue accessing their existing benefits before the new Premium tier rolls out. This would save you AU$40 over the year before the plan automatically switches to premium in March 2025. 

Meanwhile, since its introduction in 2019, Disney Plus' monthly subscription has risen by AU$4p/m, and its annual plan has been increased by AU$50. The new tier introduction will mark the fourth time that Disney Plus has been hiked for Aussies. 

OnePass Bundle

While Disney Plus' two offerings deliver the same benefits as noted above, there's an extra offering exclusive to Aussies subscribers. Open to new, existing and returning subscribers, the OnePass Bundle offers you access to retailer benefits from Kmart, Target, Catch and more for only a dollar extra per month. 

OnePass members receive free delivery, 5x FlyBuys points, 365-day returns and express click & collect, and if you sign up now, you'll receive a 14-day free trial that you can cancel anytime. So, if you're a regular shopper at any of the OnePass partners, this may be a great option for you. 

Apple TV Plus Prices

Apple TV Plus logo

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Plans on offer

Apple TV Plus is yet another ad-free offering, in which you can share your subscription with up to five Apple Family members. Over the last 12 months, the streaming service upped its subscription price twice, resulting in a AU$3 increase to AU$12.99 p/m. 

You can also access a complimentary three-month subscription when you purchase an eligible Apple device, so you can give it a go and stick around afterwards if its catalogue is up your alley. If you haven't made a recent Apple purchase, you can also receive a 7-day free trial, which you can cancel anytime. 

In terms of overall value, Apple TV Plus offerings feature primarily original content, including critically acclaimed shows such as Ted Lasso and The Morning Show, along with other licensed content that may need additional renting/purchasing. This factor definitely needs to be taken into account before signing up, so we recommend giving the free trial a go before committing. 

Apple One Bundle

Starting from AU$24.95p/m for an individual plan, you can bundle your Apple subs (think Apple Fitness, Music, Arcade, etc.) under an Apple One monthly plan. These plans automatically include Apple TV Plus, so if you've invested in an Apple ecosystem, you might already have access to it without even knowing. 

Prime Video Prices

Blue and navy Amazon Prime Video logo on white background

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Plans on offer

Amazon Prime is almost a no-brainer if you're an avid online shopper. Despite a AU$3 p/m price hike in the past year, Amazon Prime subscribers gain access to Amazon Music, Prime Reading, Prime Gaming, one-day delivery and, of course, Prime Video. 

Prime Video has an excellent range of original titles to stream for free, including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Reacher, I'm a Virgo, and the recent Aussie-based crime dramedy Deadloch. You'll also find a wealth of blockbuster movies and TV shows included in your Prime subscription. On top of this, Prime Video also has a huge selection of other licensed shows and movies, including those that haven't long finished their cinema run — such as Barbie.

Additionally, Amazon boasts a more extensive library of other smaller streaming services like Paramount Plus, AMC+, Shudder and more, for an additional charge to your Amazon subscription. It could be a great alternative to multiple subscriptions and apps, with the potential to access a more comprehensive streaming selection at a relatively low cost. 

Stan Prices

Blue and white Stan Logo

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Plans on offer

Stan is one of the few streaming services available that does not include any ads in any of its plans, which is a big win in my book. Price-wise, the basic plan's AU$10 monthly cost has stayed consistent since 2016, with no change, whereas its premium plan has increased by AU$6 per month to AU$21p/m. 

Stan gives new customers a 30-day free trial to any of its subscription tiers, which can be cancelled at any time, and you also have the option to add on Stan Sport for an extra AU$15p/m. Stan also offers a mammoth selection of Stan Originals content, with an almost unrivalled lineup of Aussie based productions, like Bump. 


Coming in at AU$10p/m, Stan's Basic plan allows you to watch SD resolution on one screen at a time, and you can access the platform's entire library. 


In a Standard plan, Stan offers you the ability to stream on three devices at the same time in HD resolution. When compared to Netflix's Standard offering, Stan's price point is pretty similar and skims 99c off Netflix's monthly cost. 


Stan's Premium plan offers 4K viewing on four screens at the same time, priced at AU$21 p/m. Unlike the Basic plan, Stan's Premium offering has jumped by AU$6 since the platform's launch in 2016. 

Stan Sport

This AU$15 p/m add-on could be worth the investment for sports fanatics. Stan offers you ad-free viewing of live and on-demand sports, such as the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and Super Rugby Pacific, among others. Again, this is an optional add-on, so it could be worth it if you're heavily involved during the busy sporting seasons of the year. 

Binge Prices

Binge logo

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Plans on offer

This home-grown streaming platform was one of the services that introduced ad-supported plans and price hikes last year. As of October 2023, its Standard subscription increased from AU$14 p/m to AU$18 p/m, and its Premium plan rose by AU$4 to $22 p/m. 

Binge offers Aussie access to the US TV giant HBO's biggest shows, including  House of the Dragon, Succession and The White Lotus. While much of Binge's content is available on the Foxtel Now streaming service, Binge is much cheaper, starting at AU$10 p/m and offering a two-week free trial for new users, which you can cancel if it doesn't suit you. 


Similar to Stan's Basic offering, Binge starts at AU$10 p/m, and you can stream in HD on one screen at a time. According to the platform, this plan is ad-supported, with ads clocking in up to five minutes every hour. 

Standard and Premium

This mid-level plan will cost you AU$18 p/m for two screens at the same time and 4K/HDR viewing without ads. The only difference between Binge's Standard and Premium plan is the extra $4 p/m and two additional screens. 

Paramount Plus Prices

Paramount Plus logo

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Plans on offer

Paramount Plus launched globally across 11 regions in 2021, including Australia, and was the most recent streaming service to join in on last year’s price hikes. However, these hikes were minimal, with the platform upping monthly prices by a dollar, and its annual price didn't change. It does offer a 7-day free trial period, which you can cancel, and is among the few platforms without ads. 

Since it's still a relatively new service, Paramount Plus doesn't yet offer as extensive a a range of original content as other platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus, and Aussies do miss out on the full library that the platform provides global audiences. It also shares much of its content with Prime Video, so it may be worth skipping if you have a Prime Video subscription. However, we must mention the new Paramount Plus NCIS: Sydney spin-off series, which does its best to bring old-school NCIS action to the iconic Sydney Harbour. 


Paramount Plus’ Standard plan allows you to stream on up to two devices simultaneously, in HD resolution. At a low AU$9.99 per month after the free trial, this could be a great option for fans of Yellowstone’s spin-offs, South Park, and reality shows like Survivor. 


In November 2023, Paramount Plus launched its Premium subscription option, priced at AU$13.99 p/m. This premium option allows you to stream on four different devices at the same time, and in 4K resolution. 

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