Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leaked video just confirmed a big design change

Samsung S24 ultra render
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Ever since Samsung introduced its ultra premium series starting with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, we’ve been acquainted with curved screens. There’s a slick aesthetic about curved displays, which is partly why they’ve been employed in Sammy’s flagships for so long, but it looks like that’s all changing with a big design change. A recent video, which has long since been taken down, reveals the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with a flat screen.

While it does give us a glimpse of what to expect with the upcoming flagship, which should be announced at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event on Wednesday, the 15-second clip doesn’t reveal the back of the phone — so that begs the question if it’s just a clone. Then again, the original video was posted on Ice Universe’s Twitter feed and subsequently taken down, so it could have some credibility.

Regardless, it’s apparent from the shaky video that the Galaxy S24 Ultra is rocking a flat display over the typical curved one we’ve been getting with the series. You can tell it’s a flat display at the start of the video because the left and right edges of the display don’t slope at all, nor is there any distortion to the reflections on there.

It’s difficult to say why Samsung’s making this design change for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but rumors have long alluded to a flatter screen this time around. One of the leading reasons so far relates to complaints from users about using the S Pen with the Galaxy S23 Ultra — that it would slip off the edges while writing. Although, we’d surmise that a phone case would prevent this, but those living on the edge going with a naked Galaxy S23 Ultra were probably the culprits for this change.

Besides that, we can’t infer anything else about the Galaxy S24 Ultra. That’s because we don’t get a glimpse of the back of the phone and what cameras it’s packing. Considering how its predecessors have been among some of the best camera phones each year, all eyes are on what Samsung could be changing up with the S24 Ultra’s cameras. At the very least, it should still be a quadruple camera arrangement — but the bigger question is if Samsung will indeed ditch the usual 10x telephoto camera for a 5x one instead.

Most people think that would be a terrible downgrade, but seeing that artificial intelligence will be leading the charge for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, this might not affect the performance of the telephoto camera. Combined with presumably improved image processing and pixel binning tech, it probably won’t be as big of a deal if it ends up getting a 5x telephoto camera instead.

Meanwhile, the video also shows the frame of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but it’s tough to know what it is. The other big design rumor about the Galaxy S24 Ultra is that it will be sporting a titanium frame, which would add more durability to the design and even make it a lighter package. Then again, it could simply turn out to be the same armor aluminum frame as before.

With only a few days to go until Galaxy Unpacked, we’ll know for certain about these design changes before long. We should also get official details around its other siblings: the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+. Nevertheless, these devices will be setting the tone for all other releases this year.

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