This is the Samsung Galaxy S22 in Bora Purple

galaxy s22 in bora purple
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The Galaxy S22 debuted in February, long enough ago that we've already got another Unpacked 2022 event coming up in a couple of weeks. But even though Samsung is readying the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 for a debut of their own at that August 10 event, the phone maker doesn't want you to forget about the Galaxy S22.

There's a new color coming to the Galaxy S22 lineup and — depending on how you feel about the shade Samsung's settled on — a rather milquetoast one. Named Bora Purple, this deceptively illustrious title is basically just a light lavender, not a deep, rich purple that would look oh so amazing on a phone.

The Galaxy S22's new coat of paint might look a tad familiar if you've paid attention to some of the iPhone 14 rumors and leaks. One of the most common assumptions about the iPhone 14 colors is that the iPhone 14 Pro's "fun" color this year will be a very similar lavender purple. 

In fact, looking at the renders and the Bora Purple Galaxy S22 we got to see hands-on, the similarities are uncanny.

That's not to say Apple has a preemptive claim on a colorway, but we find it interesting all the same that Samsung beat the Cupertino company to the punch. If lavender is your color, then it looks like you'll likely be able to choose between two options by this fall.

galaxy s22 in bora purple

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

I personally didn't get to go hands-on with this new color, but from the photos my colleague Kate Kozuch took, I'm less than enthused. It looks nice enough, sure, but these pale pastel colors on phones don't excite me. I loved the navy blue on the iPhone 12 Pro or the forest green on the iPhone 11 Pro — heck, even the blue Huawei Mate 10 Pro from back in the day was a looker.

I think the purple Galaxy S21 from last year also kills my enthusiasm for a purple Galaxy S22. They're quite similar to my eye, except for the body color camera module on the S22. It's not really a new and exciting color if you follow Samsung.

But if you like the Bora Purple Galaxy S22, don't let my curmudgeonly opinions dissuade you from grabbing one. Samsung's flagship phone starts at $799, but the best Samsung Galaxy S22 deals may be able to help you track down the phone at a discount.

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