Samsung Galaxy Note 20 launching in August with a feature iPhone 12 can’t match

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Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2 may both feature selfie cameras built under their screens, and will still launch this summer as expected. 

Samsung's new Galaxy Note series device will contain the world's first sub-display selfie camera, according to a report by The Korea Herald (via PhoneArena), as well as a new S Pen stylus and an enormous 7-inch display, larger than even the sizeable 6.9-inch display on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. In addition, its sources said that Samsung has begun planning an August launch for its next flagship phone and larger foldable, with a chance that it could even happen as early as July. 

“Preparations are underway for the upcoming Galaxy Note launch, and there is no delay,” the insider said. “But regarding a physical event, things are yet to be discussed, we are considering measures like an online event.”

The last major Samsung launch was in February, when the Galaxy S20 series and Galaxy Z Flip were revealed. That was before the coronavirus pandemic caused disruption to business around the world.

As for the features we'll see on the Note 20, the Herald writes: "Tipsters expect the Note 20 to come with an upgraded stylus-pen, a 7-inch screen and the under-display camera that would make the device the world’s first full-screen phone without a hole or notch."

We've heard these claim before, but having them repeated by a respected national newspaper from the same country as Samsung gives them additional credibility.

We've seen a few attempts at installing front-facing cameras under the display, with Oppo and Xiaomi showing off their versions of the technology within hours of each other last June. We've heard rumors of a Samsung equivalent appearing on one of its 2020 phones, and the premium Note 20 or Fold 2 seem like the ideal platforms for this to debut.

The Note 10's S Pen added new features like air gestures, and the ability to use it as a remote shutter for taking photos without needing to hold onto the phone. Hopefully, we can expect more features like this for this year's model.

We're expecting the iPhone 12 to be the largest one Apple's ever made, but it will still only measure 6.7-inches according to the rumors, which is likely smaller than the Note 20.  While we're expecting a shrunk-down notch on the iPhone 12, this will pale in comparison to a sub-display front camera, assuming Samsung gets it working reliably. Plus Apple's never shipped an iPhone with a stylus, and we don't expect it to start now. That is a trio of exciting features that Samsung has near-exclusive use of to entice people to buy the Note 20.

There are hints that the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2 are borrowing significant parts of the Galaxy S20, which hopefully includes the S20 Ultra's awesome cameras. The Note 20 will be bringing back the S-Pen stylus with new features, an even larger display, but we're wondering if the phone will be able to meaningfully differentiate itself from the larger S20 models.

The Fold 2, on the other hand, may also be getting an S Pen, as well as refinements to its display, including a smaller notch or even a sub-display camera set-up. Hopefully, Samsung will have worked on the folding mechanism too, given how much trouble it caused the company last year.

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