Samsung Will Launch Phone with a Camera Hidden Under the Display in 2020

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

New rumors point at the next big thing from Samsung coming in 2020: a selfie camera that doesn’t need a notch or a punchole because it actually works from behind the display. 

The Under Display Camera technology will either debut on the Galaxy Fold 2 or the Galaxy Note 11, according to the Korean electronic industry rag The Elec. Samsung will use a technology called Hole-in-Active-Area (HIAA) to enable the under display camera to look through a transparent display. The Elec claims that mass production of these displays with hidden cameras will start in 2020.

However, production yield may be initially limited, which will make it impossible to deploy it on a popular model. Instead, Samsung may choose to put it to work in the next generation of the Galaxy Fold. The current version has a huge notch placed in the upper right corner to hold the selfie camera. This change would make the design a lot cleaner. The other option, The Elec claims, is the Note 11.

Reliable Samsung rumorologist Ice Universe confirms that, while the UDC will debut in a Samsung phone next year, it won't be the upcoming Galaxy S11 (expected in February) or Galaxy Fold 2: “Samsung will launch an under display camera phone next year [N]ot S11, not Fold 2.” So perhaps that means the Note 11 — or something else.

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Under display cameras are not a new technology, though. It has already been announced and previewed by Xiaomi and Oppo, but these two Chinese phone manufacturers have not announced any incoming product.

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Samsung Display itself announced its intention to bring such a technology to market back in October 2018, at an OEM meeting at the Marriott Hotel in Shenzhen, China. In that event Samsung also previewed its Infinity displays with puncholes and waterdrop cameras.

Two years after it appears the Seoul-based manufacturer may be ready to finally deliver the perfect phone screen with no notch, waterdrop, puncholes, bezels or visual distractions of any kind.

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