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Samsung Could Be Launching Galaxy S11 Lite

The Samsung Galaxy S10. (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 are two excellent series of phones, but they do cost a fair amount of money. Happily for those of us on budgets or who aren’t bothered by having the most advanced features, it looks as if Samsung’s going to debut cheaper options.

Ishan Agarwal, an upcoming reliable leaker on Twitter, posted about an upcoming Galaxy Note Lite as well as a Galaxy S10/S11 Lite, with an accompanying story from DroidShout going into more detail on his claims. 

We had heard about the Note Lite previously from a source speaking to SamMobile. The model number given in both articles for the (unofficially dubbed) Note 10 Lite - SM-N770F - matches, which ideally means two different sources have spoken to SamMobile and Agarwal, but it’s also possible it’s the same source repeating themselves.

Like the earlier SamMobile story, Agarwal and DroidShout do not mention either of these models coming to the US market, only speaking about a launch in Asia and Europe.

The Galaxy Lite model, numbered SM-G770F, could either be a cheaper version of the current Galaxy S10 or of its 2020 successor, presumed to be called the Galaxy S11. Either way, Agarwal says that the phone will share specs with the upcoming Galaxy A91, the highest spec handset of Samsung’s budget A series phones.

The decision to make cheaper versions of its two most notable models isn’t surprising. Prices for Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series have increased considerably over the past few years, so demand for a more affordable version of them will have increased in response. There’s already the Galaxy S10e and the regular version of the Galaxy Note 10, but at a cost of $749/£669 and $949/£869 respectively, these may be cheaper, but are definitely not cheap.

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