PS5 restock update — leaker reveals how many consoles are coming

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Millions of PS5 consoles could hit the shelves of retailers worldwide in the run-up to April, potentially making the process of finding where to buy the PS5 a lot easier. 

That’s what’s being claimed by rather reliable stock update tipster PS5 UK Stock - Instant Updates, who claimed Sony plans to deliver 3 to nearly 4 million new games consoles a month, over the next few months. This information apparently comes from Sony itself but we weren't able to verify that at the time of writing.  

While PS5 UK Stock - Instant Updates stock tips have proven to deliver fairly accurate on when to expect PS5 restocks in the U.K., it’s still worth taking this news with a pinch of skepticism. That’s because new PS5 stock drops are very unreliable, with retailers looking poised to get in new stock one day only to drop a load of new consoles two days or so later. 

Even with substantial stock pushed out each month, we’d not be surprised to see PS5 stock shortages continue for a while yet. The appetite for the PS5, and indeed the Xbox Series X, is fantastically high. Each time new stock appears it sells out in minutes, though recently PS5 bundles managed to stay in stock for a whole 15 minutes

Scalpers looking to capitalize on the PS5 appetite have been using bots to buy up a lot of PS5 stock to resell at extortionate prices, but retailers appear to be taking some measures to stop them. That still doesn't solve the problem of demand outstripping supply. 

Nevertheless, the news that more PS5 consoles could be coming on a monthly basis is positive. It’s likely a lot of the 3 to 4 million monthly units will go to the U.S. and Japan, where PlayStation has a huge presence. But there's a good chance that stock levels in other regions will increase, so if you’re lucky and fast you may be able to get yourself a PS5. 

If you do manage to secure Sony’s new game console, then check out our best PS5 games so you can get started with enjoying a new generation of gaming. 

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