PS5 games event set for June 4 — everything you need to know

PS5 June 4 event
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Sony PS5 event: How to watch

What: Sony PS5 games showcase
When: 4 PM ET, 1PM PT, 9 pm UK
Where:, Twitch, YouTube

PlayStation fans put June 4 in your calendars as that’s when Sony will have its much-rumoured PS5 game showcase, with games expected to come from large and smaller studios. 

The showcase will kick off next Thursday from 1PM Pacific Time, 4PM Eastern Time, and 9PM in Britain with the event set to run for more than an hour. That means we can expect a whole slew of games, hopefully including first-party console exclusives, something that the Xbox Series X May 7 event was sadly missing

Sony’s blog post announcing the event was pretty trim on the details as to what exactly we can expect from the June 4 event. Jim Ryan, Sony’s CEO, noted that the technical specs of the PS5 and the DualSense controller had already been revealed, so now it’s time to show off the games. There was no mention that we would see the finalized PS5 console design; we may still have to wait a little longer for that. 

As for the games we can expect, there was no word on those either. We’ve heard murmurs that a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn could be in the works, so that would certainly be a game we’d like to get a glimpse of. And there are hints that Gran Turismo 7 will be a PS5 launch title, so that’s another game we’d not be surprised to see get a proper showcase. 

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 could be revealed

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Bloodborne was a major exclusive for the PS4, so a sequel to that on the PS5 would certainly get fans of From Soft games excited. And the might God of War was a stellar hit for the PS5, though that game came out in 2018 after a lengthy development period, so we’re not expecting a squirrel to it for a while yet; we’re not ruling out a teaser though. 

There are already a handful of confirmed games for the PS5, like Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed Vallahla, Godfall, and Outriders. So we expect to see a lot of footage around those, as well as some new tiles from third-party studios, hopefully ushering in a new generation of creative and quirky games for Sony’s next console. 

One thing Sony is lagging behind with compared to the Xbox Series X is in backward compatibility. So We hope Sony sheds some more light on what we can expect from its take on back-compatibility with PS4 games.  

You’ll be able to watch the PS5 showcase on Twitch or on YouTube. And we’ll be here to give you a breakdown of all the games and most exciting news form the June 4 event. 

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