PS5 exclusive teased by Sony developer — is this Horizon Zero Dawn 2?

Horizon: Zero Dawn PS5
(Image credit: Sony)

The PS5 hasn't had any first-party exclusives revealed for the system yet. One of the highlights from the PS4 was the open-world action game Horizon: Zero Dawn, which we're now hoping will be getting a sequel in the near future because of a tweet from its developer.

Dutch developer Guerilla Games posted a tweet with the hashtag "PS5" on its  Guerilla Jobs Twitter page, but it was later taken down. Fortunately, it was screenshotted by Justlava on Reddit, and posted on r/PS5 (via GamesRadar).

[Screenshot] Guerrilla Games tweeted out a job post with the #PS5 hashtag before deleting and re-tweeting anew, suggesting again that Horizon 2 will be a next-gen only game from r/PS5

As can be seen in the post above, the now deleted tweet was about an open position for a senior AI developer "who can make a difference in the design and implementation of the systems that make our NPCs come to life".

An earlier Guerilla Games job listing (via GamesRadar) requested developers with experience of multiplayer game elements. This suggests that the next Horizon game could have some kind of online mode, or that Guerilla is returning to its original PlayStation-exclusive franchise, Killzone.

The PS5, other than its DualSense controller, remains pretty mysterious as of the time of writing. This is in stark contrast to the Xbox Series X, which has been shown off by Microsoft since December 2019. We're expecting big announcements for both consoles to come as soon as next month, and then for both consoles to go on sale in time for the holidays. 

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