Nintendo Switch restocks just got harder to find as production slashed by 20%

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo has announced it’s cutting its planned production of Nintendo Switch consoles for the rest of its fiscal year by 20%. This could make the already tricky task of finding where to buy a Nintendo Switch even more difficult this holiday season. 

The reason for the production cut doesn't come as a big shock; the ongoing chip shortage is to blame. The global lack of semiconductor parts has been wreaking havoc on various industries and is partially responsible for why finding Nintendo Switch OLED restock has been so difficult in recent weeks. The shortage has also impacted the production of the PS5, iPhone 13 and even vital medical equipment. 

A new report from Nikkei confirms that The Big N has been forced to rework its production schedule for the remainder of the current fiscal year. The gaming giant now plans to manufacture 24 million Nintendo Switch units, which is 20% down from its initial target of 30 million consoles. 

Nintendo confirmed it was continually “assessing the impact” of the global chip shortage on its hardware production. President Shuntaro Furukawa also noted that while consumer demand remains strong, the company will be unable to manufacture as many units as originally planned due to continued production uncertainty.  

Nintendo has sold 89 million Switch units since the handheld/home console hybrid launch in 2017. The most recent model of the device, the Nintendo Switch OLED, was released earlier this month and has been virtually impossible to find in stock since. These ongoing production issues would suggest the stock situation won’t improve in the foreseeable future.  

With no sign of the demand for computer chips wavering anytime soon, the frequent shortages of popular tech products are expected to continue for a good while. Some experts believe the chip shortage may continue to plague production across industries well into 2023. By the time the issue has been resolved, the Nintendo Switch Pro could be gearing up for launch. 

If you’re hoping to secure a Nintendo Switch for the holiday season, then now would be the ideal time to pick up a console before retailers sell through their limited allocation. Don’t forget, early Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals have landed, so you can already save on a range of games and accessories.

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