The best TVs of CES 2020 (so far)

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CES 2020 is filled to the brim with all kinds of cool and wacky gadgets, but what really catches people's eye is the giant piece of tech we all have in our living rooms: TVs. From giant 8K sets to funky designs and 4K smart TVs so smart they can help with the shopping, the latest and greatest TVs are all on display in Las Vegas this week.

As we meet with TV manufacturers and get our first look at the newest sets, we've pulled together a list of the coolest, hottest and all around most exciting TVs to expect in 2020. 

LG Signature RX Rollable OLED

LG Rollable OLED TV

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When we say that the LG rollable OLED TV is hotly anticipated, we mean we've been waiting eagerly for this TV to rollout since 2018. LG promises that 2020 is the year that our dreams of a 4K TV that rolls up and unfurls on command will finally come true, with the launch of the LG Signature RX Rollable OLED. We might not know exactly when it's going to be available for purchase, but LG promises that it definitely will happen this year.

After watching the TV's crisp 4K picture and playing with all of the sweet voice interaction and AI-driven smart features, we're all wound up in anticipation. Here's hoping the new set gets rolling sometime before the holidays.

LG Gallery OLED TV

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LG's OLEDs get a sleek and slim update with the LG Signature GX, also called the Gallery Series, which packages the superb performance of LG's OLED sets into a design that's optimized for hanging with no gap between the set and the wall. If you've held off on getting an OLED due to LG's less-wall-friendly design on the likes of the C9 OLED or want more of a single-unit solution than the LG Wallpaper TV can provide, then the Signature GX OLED should be the perfect compromise. Measuring just 20 millimeters thick, the wall-mounted TV has built in speakers, integrated far-field microphones for voice assistant use, and a design that hides both the mounting bracket and cables for a seamless look.

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Vizio OLED SmartCast TV


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Vizio's smart TVs are known for their balanced approach to price and value, but the upcoming Vizio OLED might just spoil us with awesomeness if it's priced anything like Vizio's other premium sets. Simply called the Vizio OLED, the sharp looking new TV offers plenty to love. It comes with Vizio's updated SmartCast 4.0, which offers more apps and more free content than ever before, all controlled with an improved remote control with built-in voice interaction. Connectivity through HDMI 2.1 gives you a range of features, such as eARC for uncompressed audio, automatic game console sensing and variable refresh rates for better gaming, and a screen that looks better than any other Vizio TV we've seen.

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Samsung Q950 8K QLED TV

Samsung Q950 8K QLED TV Hands On

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The Samsung Q950 8K QLED TV makes a strong case that the key to winning in the 8K space might be as much about sound as it is about higher resolution displays. The display has six separate speakers placed behind and around the screen to deliver sound that tracks with the position of objects on screen, delivering a more immersive experience you can hear, as well as see. All of this is made even more impressive thanks to Samsung's Infinity Screen design, which reduces the bezel around the TV screen to almost nothing. When viewed from 4 or 5 feet away, the borders around the display should be difficult to even notice. The result is impressive sound and premium design that matches the incredible picture quality.

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Samsung Sero

Samsung Sero TV hands on

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Made for the mobile generation the Samsung Sero is TV with a twist, thanks to a motorized rotation feature that lets the TV pivot to mimic the position of your phone when it's paired to the TV. This lets you view content in either landscape or portrait mode, which is perfect for vertical video from sites like Instagram and YouTube. The integrated stand includes built-in speakers, and embedded in the bezel of the TV is an NFC chip for simple one-tap pairing to your phone. It will even play nicely with iPhones.

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TCL Mini-LED 8K Roku TV

TCL Mini-LED 8K TV Hands On

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TCL is joining the ranks of TV manufacturers selling 8K sets with the new TCL Mini-LED 8K Roku TV coming later this year. The new set looks fantastic, building on the design and technology of the excellent 8 series Roku TV we reviewed last year. The new 8K set features an improved version of TCL's mini-LED technology, which backs the LCD panel with up to 25,000 discreet dimmable lighting zones. TCL has improved this tech by embedding those LEDs in a single sheet of glass, resulting in better performance and slimmer designs. It also gets HDMI 2.1 connectivity, along with other premium features like THX certified gaming mode for optimal gaming performance. We're eagerly looking forward to testing and reviewing the new 8K model, but pricing and availability has not yet been announced.

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Skyworth TV W81 and W81 Pro 4K OLED

Skyworth W81 4K OLED Hands on

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You've probably never heard of Skyworth TV, but they're huge in China. And in 2020 the Chinese manufacturing giant is launching its first TVs in the U.S., starting with the Skyworth TV W81 and W81 Pro 4K OLED smart TVs, which combine a 4.6 mm thick, wallpaper-style slim OLED design with an array of funky features, like a built in camera and a soundbar that has its own mini OLED display.

It's a lot of things, but the W81 is not cheap. The 65-inch W81 will sell for $3,599, while the slightly more premium W81 Pro will start at $4,599. In a market where 90% of TV sales are in the $2,000-and-under range, that's a pretty penny for a TV from a brand Americans don't know.

Skyworth TV Q91 8K Smart TV

Skyworth Q91 8K TV Hands on

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Chinese manufacturer Skyworth TV is also jumping into the 8K market with both feet, with the Skyworth Q91 8K smart TV launching in the US later this year. The Q91 has a 75-inch IPS LCD display for great viewing angles, a built-in sound bar for superb audio, and a distinctive design that looks unlike anything else on the US market. The Skyworth Q91 8K TV boasts several unique design elements like a suspended bezel-less screen, a metal frame with rounded corners and two-tone anodized finish, a screwless rear case that uses magnets to hold any panels and parts in place and an integrated soundbar that has its own unique look with two protruding bumps on top that are actually angled speakers.

Oh, and it has a camera built in. The Q91 has an integrated front-facing camera for video calls and social media, with a pop-up design that stows the camera safely away when not in use.

When it comes to the US market later this year the Skyworth Q91 75-in 8K TV will sell for $5,999.

Sony Bravia A8H OLED TV

Sony Bravia A8H OLED TV hands on

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The Sony Bravia A8H OLED TV is the follow-up to Sony's impressive OLED TVs in recent years, and the new set looks like it has everything we loved about those previous models. The large screen sets offer fantastic color and sharpness, which is emphasized by a narrow bezel design and a low slung stand. This year Sony has improved its OLED sets with further refinements to video processing and sound from screen audio, and is also added built-in far-field microphones for hands-free use. We've been impressed by Sony's a led TVs in the past and these small bit significant improvements have us eager to test the new sets in 2020.

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Sony Z8H 8K LED TV

Sony Z8H 8K TV hands on

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The Sony Z8H 8K LED TV scales down the size of Sony's 8K sets, but dials up the quality. Sony's first 8K TVs were giant -- up to 98 inches giant -- so it's a bit of a relief to see that this year's 8K Z8H TVs measure a far more reasonable 75 and 85 inches. These 8K TVs look just as stunning as we might expect, but Sony has improved the design with a slimmer chassis, intuitive hands-free voice interaction, and a new audio feature that embeds a tweeter in the frame of the TV, using vibrations in the frame to produce sound. Dress it all up in Sony's refined designs, and you've got one of the hottest looking 8K televisions we'll be seeing in 2020.

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Philips OLED 804

Philips OLED 804 hands on

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For years, Philips has been one of the best OLED makers in the world, but for years the company didn't sell it's OLED TVs in the United States. It looks like that's finally going to change in 2020, as the Japanese manufacturer readies the excellent Philips OLED 804 for stateside sales.

Originally launched in other regions in late 2019, the OLED 804 has earned praise for its excellent picture quality, with an OLED panel that rivals those used by Sony and LG. But there's a lot more to the 804 OLED, like Philips Ambilight, which lights up the room with scene-specific color, or Android TV with deep smart home capabilities. We've been jealous of our British counterparts for getting to buy and review this set, so we're looking forward to having this award-winner available in the coming months.

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RCA Roku Projector

RCA Roku Projector

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RCA is also expanding its Roku lineup with a slightly different take on the road to Smart TV. Instead of a large LCD TV running the Roku smart TV platform, RCA is offering a compact home projector that offers the same interface and app selection we love on other Roku smart TVs.

The compact RCA RPJ133 Roku projector is about the size of a lunchbox, but can put a large image up on almost any wall or projector screen, giving you big-screen enjoyment without having to worry about a big TV taking up room in your apartment or house. And with a Roku streaming stick included, along with a Roku remote control, you'll be able to use that projector as a full-featured smart TV. Our only complaint? It's a 720p projector, so while it will give you a great smart TV experience, it won't offer full HD picture quality.

Panasonic HZ2000 OLED

Panasonic HZ2000 OLED

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The Panasonic HZ2000 OLED looks to be one of the best OLED TVs ever made, which makes it all the more frustrating that you probably won't be able to buy it. While the features and capabilities sound fantastic, Panasonic says this OLED is for pros only, selling it as a professional set for video editing, color grading and other aspects of video production.

That's a real bummer for regular consumers, because Panasonic loads the HZ2000 with some fascinating features, including support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ HDR formats (a rarity in the TV world), along with the new Dolby Vision IQ, which can adjust Dolby Vision for better performance in bright or dark environments, and even offers fine tuned control for enthusiasts that want to tweak things like luminance curves and brightness clipping.

It's also one of the only TVs we've ever seen that boasts Dolby Atmos sound, even without an Atmos-capable soundbar. The TV features upward-firing speakers to deliver the same expanded vertical soundstage of Atmos without any extra hardware. Throw in Film Maker Mode for an unadulterated movie viewing experience and OLED's already superb display performance and you've got a great TV for cinephiles. It's too bad you won't be able to buy it.

Hisense XD9G Dual-Cell TV

Hisense XD9G hands on

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The Hisense XD9G delivers two displays in one, with Hisense's dual-cell technology, an approach to backlighting that adds a second LCD layer behind the panel you see, acting as a dynamic masking layer to reduce blooming and halos and deliver brightness exactly where it's supposed to be. It's a fascinating answer to one of the hardest problems faced by LCD TV makers, and from what we've seen, it looks great.

The Hisense XD9G offers a lot more than a fancy dual-cell display, however. The smart TV uses Google's Android TV, which includes Google Assistant built-in for voice interaction and smart home compatibility. Embedded in the bezel of the display is an array of far-field microphones, which let you use the TV much like a smart speaker -- speaking to the room, the smart assistant can hear you and respond. The end result is a TV that delivers better 4K picture and more intelligent smart features.

We'll continue to update this list as we see more TVs, so stay tuned for more smart TVs, 8K behemoths and more.

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