Meta Quest 2 gets a surprise boost from Meta Quest Pro — here's what we know

Oculus Quest 2
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When we reported on the Meta Quest v47 software update we talked about all the ways it sets the Meta Quest Pro apart from the Meta Quest 2. However, it turns out that a popular Quest Pro feature is now coming to the best VR headset on the market.

As reported by Road to VR, the latest Meta Quest software update brings Quest Touch Pro controller support to the Meta Quest Pro. While the Quest Touch Pro controllers cost $299 —  nearly as much as a Quest 2 headset — they are also the clear winner in terms of the best Quest controller.  

Meta Quest Pro

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The Quest Touch Pro controllers were a stand-out feature in our hands-on Meta Quest Pro review. They are Meta’s first self-tracking controllers, which means they don’t require line of sight with a camera to be tracked in VR. This gives Quest 2 users a significantly increased range of motion when using the VR headset. Plus, the Touch Pro controllers add TruTouch haptics, which greatly improves haptic feedback. 

Oh, and let’s not forget that they’re rechargeable. That means no more hoarding AA batteries for your Quest 2 controllers.

Despite all these positives, this is still an upgrade that is quite expensive for most users. But if you want to upgrade your Quest 2 experience without having to get a different headset, these controllers will definitely do that.

Major video recording upgrade for Quest Pro and Quest 2 

Meta Quest Pro

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The Meta Quest Pro launched back in October at Meta Connect, promising to be Meta’s first true mixed-reality headset. This promise included full-color augmented reality passthrough, allowing users to view the world around them in full color with holographic overlays, all while wearing the Quest Pro headset.

In our coverage of the v47 software update, we mentioned that the Quest Pro can now record video and take screenshots while using the augmented reality passthrough feature. While this may seem like a minor improvement, it’s probably a necessary one. This update allows users to record what they’re working on and share the video or screenshots with collaborators. This is a massive productivity boost for users, and it’s a little surprising that it wasn’t already a feature. Especially as Meta has made an effort to focus on the Quest Pro’s collaborative features, including partnering with Microsoft to completely redesign Microsoft Teams for use in mixed reality. 

But Quest 2 users don’t need to feel left out in the cold. While only the Quest Pro has the full-color passthrough feature, the Meta Quest 2 is also getting the ability to record video and take screenshots in software update v47. The controls for these functions are actually pretty intuitive; hold the Oculus button and the right controller trigger simultaneously to record video and to take a screenshot you still hold the Oculus button but then simply tap the right controller trigger rather than hold it down. The controls are the same on both the Quest Pro and the Quest 2

So that makes it two massive upgrades making their way from the Meta Quest Pro to the Meta Quest 2, But even before getting these upgrades, there has never been a better time to pick up a Quest 2 than this holiday season. Right now, you can get a Quest 2 headset and two games for just $349. Once you’re set up, make sure to try out Liteboxer VR, which our fitness expert Sam Hopes swears is the future of fitness. 

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