How to watch Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal live stream

Battlefield 2042 wingsuit
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It's almost here. Even though Battlefield 2042 is now official, its action-packed reveal trailer didn’t show any footage of the game. That’s left us a little in the dark about what we can expect the game to look like, outside of a clutch of leaked screenshots

Fortunately, Battlefield 2042 gameplay is set to be shown off today, June 13 at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. BST as part of the Xbox Games Showcase by EA and developer Dice. This should be one of the biggest highlights of E3 2021

The first Battlefield 2042 gameplay footage has been teased on Twitter, but it's just 15 seconds. We're hoping for a major delve into all the things the sixth main Battlefield game has to offer, especially on PS5 and Xbox Series X. So here’s how to watch the Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal live.  

How to watch Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal  

The Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal will take place during the Xbox Games Showcase. That showcase promises a bounty of upcoming Xbox games, as well as those from Bethesda, which Microsoft now owns

You can follow the whole event live in the video above. Or you can simply check back with Tom’s Guide as we'll be bringing you news, updates and thoughts on all the major announcements from the Xbox showcase and E3 2021 in general. 

Furthermore, there’s the Future Games Show Summer Showcase today, which promises a suite of the latest game news, interviews, exclusive game footage, and more.  

Battlefield 2042 gameplay reveal: What to expect 

We already know Battlefield 2042 will be a multiplayer-only game focused around a trio of main modes and framed around a conflict fuelled by a lack of resources, deteriorating environment and soldiers with no nations to fight for. 

But we expect to see a showcase of the third, mysterious [Redacted] multiplayer mode, as well as a dive into the All-out Warfare and Hazard Zone modes. We also expect to see how various things like major weather changes on a map will influence the game’s action, as well as the types of upgrades and equipment the “Specialists” can make use of. 

Battlefield 2042 helicopters and sand

(Image credit: Dice)

And game footage of Battlefield 2042 running on Xbox Series X is almost certainly going to be shown off, with Dice and Microsoft likely showcasing how Battlefield 2042 runs on the flagship console, potentially including features like ray tracing and the ability to render large maps. 

Overall, we can expect Battlefield 2042 to be an evolution not a revolution over previous Battlefield games when it's released on October 22. But that could be just what the series needs, especially on new games consoles and PC hardware. 

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