Battlefield 4 is free right now — if you have Amazon Prime

Battlefield 4
(Image credit: EA)

PC gamers with an Amazon Prime membership are in for a treat, with a free copy of Battlefield 4. Players are limited to EA's Origin platform, but it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, so grit your teeth and get through it.

Just log into your Amazon account and then head over to the Prime Gaming website to claim the full game on Origin. Amazon Prime members have until June 21 to claim their code for Battlefield 4 standard edition. There's no rush to redeem it on Origin though, with the code being eligible to claim on the platform until July 21. Although we'd say redeem it immediately so you don't forget and miss out. 

If you're not a Prime member, you can sign up for the 30-day free trial and get yourself a Battlefield 4 code once your account is set up. If you've not dabbled in the game before, we thought the campaign was a little lackluster, but loved the multiplayer modes.

While some of us are still lamenting the abandonment of Bad Company, the main series has been received well, with Battlefield 5 being dubbed "the best entry in the series since Bad Company 2" in our review. 

We haven't had a Battlefield game since then, but the franchise is back later this year with Battlefield 6. In fact, following numerous trailer leaks, EA has confirmed that Battlefield 6 will be revealed on June 9 and will apparently sport the name 'Battlefield' rather than being a numbered entry in the series. 

The reveal is set for 7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. ET / 3 p.m. BST and we may even be getting a Battlefield 6 alpha test in July  — although that's yet to be confirmed. So instead of twiddling your thumbs for another week, download your free copy of Battlefield 4 and while away the hours with some online multiplayer in the interim.

Shabana Arif

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