Battlefield 2042 release date and price confirmed — here's how to get early access

Battlefield 2042 tanks
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Battlefield 2042 is coming October 22, 2021, and EA Play subscribers will get the chance to dive into the war-centric game with a 10-hour early-access trial starting October 15.

After an official Battlefield 2042 reveal yesterday, EA confirmed that its next instalment in the franchise will launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X for $70, while PS4, Xbox One, and PC users can get the game for $10 less. However, EA Play subscribers can save 10% on Battlefield 2042 pre-orders, as well as unlock exclusive awards and members-only content. 

Set in a near-future, hence the 2042 suffix, the sixth instalment in the Battlefield series will have maps that support up to 128 players and will feature combat that ranges from boots-on-the-ground fighting to aerial battles in futuristic jets and wingsuits. There's even a robot dog. 

There are also real-time weather events, such as tornadoes, which can shake-up the action on what might first appear to be a standard map. Those maps look set to span a series of environments ranging from deserts, mountains and military bases, to futuristic metropolises, and even rocket launch sites.

Unlike Battlefield 5, there will be no dedicated single-player campaign. But there will be an expansive range of multiplayer modes, framed around a conflict fuelled by violent climate changes and diminishing resources. This conflict is fought by stateless soldiers dubbed “No-Pat Specialists” fighting on behalf of the world's remaining superpowers. 

Multiplayer will be framed around three game modes: All-out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and [Redacted]. The "All-out Warfare" mode will take you on 128-player battles, while the "Hazard" mode will let you drop into the Hazard Zone; "an all-new, high stakes multiplayer experience." The last mode hasn't been officially revealed just yet, though Battlefield fans can tune in to the EA Play Livestream for more details to be unveiled on July 22. 

How to get early Battlefield 2042 access

Battlefield 2042 EA Play

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You can get access to Battlefield 2042 seven days before the main October 22 release date, if you sign up to EA Play. 

Basic EA Play access starts at $4.99 a month, which will give you the chance try out Battlefield 2042 in a 10-hour trial on October 15. Subscribers will also get the chance to have early-access to the Battlefield 2042 open beta, though a date for this has yet to be confirmed. 

Subscribers to EA Play Pro, which starts at $14.99 a month, will get unlimited early-access to Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition, which includes extras, such as a digital artbook, exclusive soundtrack, and the "Midnight Ultimate Bundle." 

Non-EA Play subscribers can still pre-order and get early-access to the open beta, as well as a few bonuses like the the "Baku ACB-90 Epic Melee Takedown Knife" and "Mr. Chompy" dinosaur weapon charm. 

Actual game footage of Battlefield 2042 hasn't been revealed yet. But Dice will showcase it on June 13, which is when E3 2021 will be in full swing, and when the Future Games Show Summer Showcase will also be taking place. 

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