New Google Android TV player just confirmed — meet the new Chromecast

Chromecast ultra 2 leaked
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The Google Chromecast 4 Sabrina, which is shaping up to be a next-generation Chromecast Ultra, appears to have been submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for approval. 

Google submitted a pair of filings to the FCC for devices under the model numbers GZRNL and G9N9N, which 9to5Google reports are for what is believed to be next-generation Chromecast Ultra devices codenamed Sabrina. The filings are for an “Interactive Media Streaming Device” and “Wireless Device” that suggests a Chromecast device with a wireless remote.  

These filings would suggest that a new Chromecast device powered is on its way, And from other rumors we’ve seen over the past couple of months, it looks like Sabrina will be Google’s first in-house Android TV device since the Nexus Player. 

While the Chromecast 4 Sabrina is set to bring in a new oval-shaped design to the Chromecast dongle and a rather neat looking remote, Android TV will be the device’s secret sauce. Unlike current Chromecast devices, which are controlled by phones, the new Android TV dongle would have its own remote and UI. This would make the Sabrina device more user-friendly.

The Chromecast 4, or what could be a Chromecast Ultra 2, is also set to run at 4K with 60 frames per second output, which could work nicely with Google Stadia streaming. And HDR and Dolby Vision support are also set to be on board. 

The FCC filing would suggest that Sabrina is nearing an official reveal. And with the Pixel 5 on the horizon, we’d not be surprised to see a new Chromecast Ultra appear sometime in the fall, likely October time. 

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    Ahm, making it have its own remote would be the opposite of "making it more user friendly".
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