Google Pixel Buds 2 might finally arrive in April

Pixel Buds 2
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 If you’ve been waiting for Google to release an updated pair of its Pixel Buds smart earbuds then you might be in luck, as a product listing on B&H popped up saying the Pixel Buds 2 were available. 

The page has now been taken down, but Android Police noted that another US retail store, Abt Electronics, has also been taking pre-orders for the second-generation Pixel Buds, which would indicate their launch might be imminent.


Google revealed its second-generation headphones last October, alongside the launch of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Simply dubbed ‘Pixel Buds’, the wireless headphones are reasonably similar to other in-ear buds from the likes of Samsung, which is also looks set to release its second-gen wireless headphones in the form of the Galaxy Buds 2

When Google revealed the new Pixel Buds, it promised improved call quality, boosted audio, a secure fit, and a spatial vent that lets in some environmental nose so the wearer can hear what’s going on around them and avoid walking into a busy road if they aren’t paying attention. 

Other features include sweat and water resistance, easy pairing with both Android and iOS devices, and the ability to use ‘Find My Device’ to locate misplaced buds. The feature set look like the Pixel Buds 2 could really challenge Apple’s AirPods Pro, especially as the Pixel Buds still come with the live translation feature of their predecessors.  

Unlike the Pixel Buds before them, these updated headphones are also truly wireless, with Google having cut the cord that connected the two earbuds in the original version. 

The main calling card of the new Pixel Buds, much like their predecessors, is the smart capabilities provided by the Google Assistant. But where once such a feature felt fresh, there are now plenty of wireless headphones that support various virtual assistants, including the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Pixel Buds 2

(Image credit: Google)

Despite announcing the new Pixel Buds and highlighting their improved design and features, Google didn’t announce a firmed up release date, with the headphones slated to arrive sometime in Spring 2020.

Given that season is now upon us, there’s a very good chance that the product listings for the Pixel Buds 2 were only ever so slightly premature, and that we can expect Google’s new headphones to go on sale at some point in April.

That being said, given the US, parts of Europe and the UK are currently in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, there’s potential for Google to delay the release of the new Pixel Buds. After all, with people being limited on how much they can go outside, some of the features of Google’s smart headphones, such as the filtering environmental sound, might seem a little moot.

Or Google might be waiting to release the second-gen Pixel Buds alongside the rumoured Pixel 4a.

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