Google Chrome is getting a big upgrade to save you time — here's how

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Google is rolling out a new feature to help users better share web pages on Chrome. It follows the latest Canary build on desktop, where Chromium devs appear to have added two new flags, suggesting that Google may be planning for a wider launch of its Sharing Hub feature. 

Currently, the feature already exists on Android. It means users of our best Android phones have plenty of options to share their content. Whether you want to take a screenshot and edit it, scan a QR code to share a webpage, even print and save a file as a PDF — Chrome on Android easily lets users do this.

Now, desktop users starved of a similar suite of sharing options could soon get the same ability to share their web pages with WhatsApp contacts, other applications and Messages. 

If you have the latest version of Chrome Canary, then you can follow the steps below to switch on Sharing Hub.

How to switch on Sharing Hub in Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome Canary 
  2. After launching, head to the URL bar and type: Chrome://flags
  3. Search for Hub
  4. Switch on Desktop Sharing Hub in App Menu
  5. Switch on Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox
  6. Relaunch your browser to activate the changes

While the feature is still in its testing phase, toggling the flags to ‘Enabled’ doesn’t currently enact any significant changes.

At some point soon, though, turning on the switches for App Menu and Omnibox should let users view a menu — akin to the Android interface — granting them the ability to capture screenshots, copy links and then send them on to different devices, which is great news for Google Chrome Desktop users around the globe. 

Techdows reports that Sharing Hub will soon be available to desktop users on a range of platforms, including MacOS, Windows, Chrome OS and Linux. The feature is restricted to Chrome Canary users at the moment before hopefully becoming available to users of the stable version of Google Chrome.

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