Apple just changed trade-in values for iPhones and iPads — here’s what you get now

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Apple has updated the trade-in values for multiple products, and it's decreased the amount of money you'll get for most items.

Starting today, when you go in to trade in an iPad Pro, you'll see a slight bump in value. This applies to the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 6S Plus as well. But for everything else, including MacBooks, MacBook Airs, iMacs and Mac minis, there's been a drop in price, compared to what you would have received a week ago.

Per MacRumors, the last time Apple updated trade-in values was in December of last year. In December, just like this past weekend, iPads increased in value while Macs decreased. It could be a sign of increased demand for iPads worldwide over Mac devices. Plus, high chip demand, which may soon cause an iPad shortage, is only going to make things worse this upcoming holiday season.

iPhone Trade-in value changes

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Header Cell - Column 0 BeforeAfter
iPhone 11 Pro Max$500$515
iPhone 11 Pro$460$465
iPhone 11$360$380
iPhone 6S Plus$60$65

iPad Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, iMac and Mac mini trade-in value changes

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Row 0 - Cell 0 BeforeAfter
iPad Pro$535$580
MacBook Air$600$530
MacBook, 12-inch (discontinued)$380$340
iMac Pro$3,040$2,940
Mac mini$830$770

The convenience of trading in a device directly to Apple may not be worth it for everyone. Often, selling gear on sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace could net users better returns. However, the user has to deal with the hassles of negotiating prices and shipping devices. A used 64GB iPhone 11 Pro Max usually sells for around $669 on eBay. This, of course, doesn't include shipping and eBay fees. But sometimes, an iPhone 11 Pro Max can sell for more than $700. It's an appreciable step up from what Apple offers: just $500. 

Apple also allows customers to trade in certain Android devices, although the values are nothing to call home about. Last year's Samsung Galaxy S20+ only nets $305: a far cry from what you could get on auction sites. Unfortunately, if users want to trade in laptops other than MacBooks, Apple directs them to recycle the devices instead. We'd recommend you not recycle a relatively new Microsoft Surface Pro, and sell it elsewhere instead.

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