God of War Ragnarök is coming November 9 — now’s the time to get a PS5

An image form the new God of War Ragnarök CG trailer
(Image credit: Sony)

If you’ve been worried about a lack of PS5 games this year, then worry no longer as Santa Monica Studio has just announced God of War Ragnarök is coming November 9. 

The game, which follows the father and son tale of Kratos and Atreus after the events of 2018’s God of War, was due to be released last year but was previously pushed back to 2022 with no release confirmed until now; that had led to speculation it would suffer another delay. 

But now God of War and PlayStation fans can breathe easily, as the release date is official, plus we get a new CGI trailer as the cherry on top of this announcement. It’s a short one but shows how Kratos has seemingly evolved into more of a mentor to Atreus, with the latter now a more confident and mature teenager.

Oh and we get a glimpse of a giant wolf, which could be Fenrir, a wolf-god who opposed the Aesir (the group of Norse god that Odin and Thor belong to). Expect God of War Ragnarök to dig deeper into the intriguing, odd and often savage lore and tales of Old Norse mythology; it’s a giant departure for the hero-like Thor and comical Norse mythology we see in the likes of Thor: Ragnarok.

So far, there's been precious little game footage of God of War Ragnarök, likely with Sony and Santa Monica keeping it under wraps so as to not spoil the surprise of any plot twists and turns.

Regardless, after a strong start to the year with Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring and Gran Turismo 7, there’s not a wealth of major PS5 or PS4 games in recent months. Thankfully, God of War Ragnarök will at least be a big flagship PlayStation exclusive to break this drought.

It’s likely to tap into a lot of the PS5’s power and features. So if you’ve successfully tracked down a PS5 restock and have played your way through PS5 exclusive games like Deathloop, then you’ll have God of War Ragnarök to look forward to in just a few month's time.

If you’ve not yet made the plunge to get a PS5, and we think you should do as it's a heck of a machine, then Ragnarök is also coming to the PS4; just don’t expect it to run as well as it will on Sony's next-gen console. It will be a game you want to spend a lot of time with as recent leaks may have revealed the game length.

In fact, we’d suggest that with God of War Ragnarök on its way and a decent amount of entries now populating our best PS5 games list, now is a good time to finally get a PS5.

Roland Moore-Colyer

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