GameStop isn't even trying anymore with its PS5 bundles

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The huge demand for PS5 restocks has seen plenty of retailers opt to bundle the console with a whole range of additional extras. These have ranged from the practical like an additional DualSense controller to the less essential like a $200 racing wheel, but GameStop might have beaten them all with this confusing PS5 bundle. 

During the gaming retailer’s latest restock earlier today (August 17), GameStop had multiple PS5 bundles for sale. Most of them were the usual assortment of the console packaged with a second controller and a few physical games, but one of them has caused quite a stir online. For $629, GameStop was offering a PS5 Digital Bundle that included 5,850 Madden Points, but no copy of the actual game. 

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That amount of Madden Points is worth $50. However, considering they are functionally useless without a copy of Madden NFL 22, it does seem pretty ridiculous to not include a copy. Obviously, as the bundle included the disc-free version of the PS5, a physical copy of Madden was out of the question. Perhaps a $50 voucher for the PlayStation Store would have made a little more sense. 

GameStop PS5 Bundle

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What’s so bizarre about this bundle is that unless the buyer is willing to purchase a digital copy of Madden NFL 22 themselves, for $70 on the PlayStation Store, then the code is useless. Strangely this was the only PS5 Digital Edition bundle offered in the restock, so there wasn’t even an alternative option for non-Madden players.

Gamers still looking to purchase a PS5 were quick to point out the odd nature of the bundle on Twitter. Although considering that GameStop has once again sold out of PS5 consoles, it would seem that some people weren’t deterred by the puzzling nature of the package. 

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If you’re still on the hunt for a PS5, and would like the console standalone or at the very least in a bundle that contains items you can actually use, then make sure to bookmark our PS5 restock hub. This guide contains the latest stock information and updates as we get them from every major retailer. 

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