Forget Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 — the Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 could see major changes

A leak-based render of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
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We’ve already heard quite a lot about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5, which are expected to launch towards late summer and could be two of the best foldable phones. But what can we expect to happen after that, with the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and beyond? Twitter leaker @Tech_Reve has a few claims to make.

According to a new tweet from the leaker, Samsung may be changing the form factor next year — with the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 6. It’s also claimed that the Z Flip 6 will feature a 50MP camera, and that a ‘Lite’ foldable model is due for release in 2024. Unfortunately, they don’t go into any more detail than that. 

Galaxy Z Flip 6 could get the camera we've been waiting for

A 50MP camera on a Galaxy Z Flip 6 would be a major boost, since the current iteration offers two 12MP shooters. However, this could spell bad news for the Galaxy Z Flip 5, which has been subject to various rumors about its camera resolution. Previous rumors suggested a 50MP lens could be coming, but more recently it’s been suggested that we’ll get the same dual 12MP lenses as the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

There’s more to good photos than high resolution, since software goes a very long way, but we had hoped for some improvements on the Z Flip 5. Sadly, this latest rumor might end up being another blow to that particular dream.

Galaxy Z Fold 6 could come with a fresh new design

A change to the Z Fold 6’s form factor could be rather interesting, though it isn’t entirely clear what that might involve. We can’t imagine Samsung will scrap the book-style design, though that isn’t to say it can’t be improved and refined.

A folded Z Fold 4 has a very prominent gap that gets larger as you approach the hinge, which isn’t ideal. A brand new design could minimize that gap, or hopefully eliminate it completely. Companies like Huawei and Oppo have already accomplished that with their foldables, and Samsung needs to start catching up if it wants to stay relevant. It’s worth noting that the rumored ‘waterdrop’ hinge, which should help eliminate the Z Fold 5’s display crease, could also narrow the gap.

The possibilities of how the Z Fold 6 could change are seemingly endless. We could see a design that’s shorter and wider, similar to the rumored Google Pixel Fold dimensions, or Samsung could even experiment with rollable screen technology, though we suspect that would be a different phone altogether. 

Galaxy Z Fold Lite is the foldable we've been waiting for

The possibility of a Z Fold Lite finally making it to market certainly has our attention. Foldable phones have always been very expensive purchases, which can only end up holding them back from mainstream adoption — especially in the U.S. where Samsung is all but unchallenged in the segment.

A lower price would have to come with some compromises, likely where performance and materials are concerned. But so long as this phone has a solid camera and good battery life, there’s no reason why it couldn’t help pull people onto the foldable bandwagon.

It’s still very early to be speculating about the Galaxy Z Fold 6 series, especially since the Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5 are still a few months away. So we’re all going to have to wait patiently and see just how many of these rumors actually pan out. For now check out our Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 hubs for all the latest rumors and leaks. 

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  • IdontKnowWhatIsMyName
    Actually it won't... Fold6 is just refinement of Fold5, RGcloudS of twitter (one of spot on leakers) said Fold5 will get big upgrade than Fold6. Tech_Reve who?