Bing with ChatGPT now produces AI–generated shopping guides for you

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Microsoft has launched a range of AI-generated shopping tools for Bing search results and the Edge browser as it continues to implement ChatGPT across its portfolio. These tools include buying guides for popular categories, summarized reviews and a price match comparison tool available to all U.S. users from today, June 29.

In the case of the buying guides, a Bing search result will serve up product suggestions and show the specifications of each item in a comparison table. In addition to being displayed in Bing Chat, the shopping tools can also be accessed via the Edge sidebar. The latter option will start to roll out worldwide beyond the U.S. from today.

Review summaries harness the power of ChatGPT’s conversational AI to let users dig in to a product and see what customers and popular reviewers have said about it on other websites.

“Our goal is to bring more joy to shopping – from the initial spark of inspiration to the exciting unboxing experience – by making the process easier and giving you confidence you’re getting the right item at the right price,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post announcing the features. 

“Microsoft Shopping already helps you save time and money with tools across Bing, Edge, Microsoft Start and Outlook. In fact, Microsoft Edge has offered $3.7 billion in savings to shoppers worldwide in the last year thanks to built-in shopping features like Coupons, Cashback, Price History and Price Comparison.”

Price Match could potentially be the most useful of all the new tools. It will monitor an item's price, even after you’ve bought it. And, if there’s a discount or sale, the AI will assist in requesting a match from the retailer.

“Price Comparison and Price History are built-in browser features that help ensure you’re buying at the right place and time, and Edge helps you automatically apply coupons and cashback when shopping online, right from Bing Chat,” Microsoft added.

This is the one feature not launching today, but Microsoft says it will be rolling out soon in the U.S.

How does it work?

Shopping results in Bing Chat results

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The AI will recognise when a potential shopper is looking to make a purchase from their search query. So you may go to and type “What supplies do I need for college?” and a tailored buying guide might return suggestions for the best noise-cancelling headphones for distraction-free study time.

The results will list the specs and prices for the various headphones but, if asked, Bing Chat will suggest what aspects to consider when shopping for headphones. Things like sound quality, fit and device compatibility. When you settle on the pair you like, you can then ask Bing Chat to summarize what other people and review sites are saying about it online. Part of the appeal, Microsoft hopes, is the interaction never has to leave the Bing Chat page or the Edge sidebar.

ChatGPT was integrated into Bing earlier this year (and became Bing Chat), aiming to present search results in a more conversational tone. The AI chatbot was initially locked behind a waitlist until May when Microsoft opened up access to anyone that wanted it. Here's our step-by-step guide on how to use Bing with ChatGPT.

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