Battlefield 6 trailer leaks reveal actual game footage

Battlefield 6 leak
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The Battlefield 6 trailer is turning out to be one of EA's worst kept secrets, as yet more screenshots of the reveal trailer leak online, as well as what appear to be brief snippets from it. 

Call of Duty and Battlefield leaker, Tom Henderson — who has seen the trailer and previously shared sketches in place of actual screenshots — has weighed in to say that "we've now seen 80% or so of that trailer." 

Joining the leaked Battlefield 6 trailer screenshots from the beginning of the month, and the batch we saw last week, are a slew of new images which you can peruse over on imgur

From the images, it's rather clear that Battlefield 6 will indeed be set in a modern or near-future setting, as has been previously rumoured. That'll mark a departure from the World War I and WWII settings of the last couple of Battlefield games. 

They've been rearranged in sequence, to give an approximation of the trailer in stills, but they do have the LOL guy watermark emblazoned over the top again, which is as annoying as you might imagine. A couple of gifs have also made their way onto the internet, which you can view here and here

But if scrolling through over 50 screenshots as fast as possible to simulate what the actual trailer might look like sounds like too much for your index finger to manage, don't worry. Someone has helpfully combined all of the leaked images and gifs so far into one even larger gif that's as close as we're going to get to the actual trailer for now. You can check it out above.

Meanwhile, VG247 has spotted a second Battlefield 6 trailer over on TikTok. While not all of the footage here is new, or even from the Battlefield series, there are a couple of clips bookending the 'trailer' that look like they're from the new game. The clip at the start of the trailer showing a squad of soldiers, and a clip at the end featuring the robot dog's POV are very likely from Battlefield 6.


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We don't actually have much longer to wait for the official reveal. EA has already confirmed that it'll be dropping the Battlefield 6 trailer in June. Given that the majority of it has leaked already, it would make sense to unveil it as soon as possible, before the whole thing makes its way onto the internet and beats the publisher to the punch. In the meantime, check out our list of the 7 things we really want to see in Battlefield 6.  

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