Battlefield 6 trailer 'imminent' — and we're in for tornadoes, rockets and more

Battlefield 6 rumors
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Battlefield 6 is still under wraps, but judging from the recent leaks and rumors, EA's next installment in its popular military shooter franchise is going to be wild. If robot dogs that you can ride didn't have you convinced, perhaps the prospect of tornadoes ripping through the map might pique your interest. 

This juicy little morsel comes from Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson, who shared a sketch on his Twitter account of a Battlefield map. Whether the drawing is his own, or one sourced from elsewhere, we don't know. But looking at his recent tweets, the drawing could be taken from the trailer, which he says is "imminent." 

The artwork in question depicts a coastline peppered with rocket launch sites, Ospreys flying overhead, and an ominous-looking storm rolling in. While Henderson's sketch is pretty basic, Twitter user All Things Gaming made a mock-up, which you can check out below.  

Henderson clarifies that his sketch depicts a "literal storm / tornado" and that it's not a Battle Royale map. Battlefield 5 was the first title in the series to introduce Battle Royale, and that mode could make a comeback in this year's game.

He tweeted a GIF later in the same thread of a rocket launching, indicating things are going to get pretty chaotic on the maps. With dynamic weather, tornadoes and rockets launching around players, there will be a lot going on. 

The map itself is set to be pretty large, by the looks of it. Henderson tweeted  that there are six to eight Ospreys, saying, "it should give you the sense of scale." Such a huge map lends credence to the rumors that Battlefield 6 could support up to 128 players — double that of Battlefield 5's 64 player count.  

Henderson shared a second sketch of the same map, but from a different perspective. He says it's "the only 1st person POV we get to see and you're hovering in a Jet." The view from the cockpit looks out at one of the rockets on the map, which Henderson describes as looking like a "Falcon 9 with 3 massive boosters at the bottom." 

All Things Gaming once again made a mock-up of the sketch. Henderson later corrected himself in the thread, saying the POV is likely from an Apache helicopter. 

We don't know when the Battlefield 6 trailer will drop, but if Henderson has already seen it, it'll most likely be soon. We'll be keeping an eye out. 

Shabana Arif

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