Battlefield 6 reveal trailer has leaked so badly that we may get a different one

Battlefield V
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After a slew of leaks, plans for the official Battlefield 6 reveal trailer may have been changed due to “80% or so” of the trailer finding its way online in screenshot form

The unveiling of the next Battlefield game has been confirmed for June, but multiple leaks may have already spoiled the surprise. Not only can we almost definitively say that the game will have a modern/slightly futuristic setting, but one internet sleuth has practically recreated the entire reveal trailer in gif form from the many leaked screenshots.  

Developer DICE and publisher EA are undoubtedly far from pleased that so much of the game’s initial trailer appears to already be online, which may have lead to drastic action. According to reputable Battlefield insider, Tom Henderson, a different reveal trailer will “almost certainly” be shown off next month.  

Whether this means that the leaked trailer will be shelved, or just officially released at a later date, is unclear. However, it would definitely make sense for something different to be shown off in a few week’s time in order for the reveal to pack a punch. Although we’d just be happy to be able to watch the current footage without that pesky watermark.

A library of screenshots from the reveal trailer is far from the only Battlefield 6 leak in recent weeks. We’ve heard reports that the game will feature a brand new Battle Royale mode, as well as a fresh twist in its single-player campaign. Plus it will apparently feature robot dogs that you can ride and won't actually be called Battlefield 6 either. 

Rumors had also been circulating that the game would be exclusive to next-gen consoles and PC, but EA has confirmed the game will be cross-gen and you won’t need a PS5 or Xbox Series X to play. Which will come as a relief to those still frustrated at the challenge of finding a healthy PS5 restock

Thankfully after so much teasing, not to mention many leaks, we don’t have much longer to wait before getting an official look at Battlefield 6. If this report is correct our first look at the upcoming shooter should be all-new as well. 

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