Apple Spring Loaded event live stream: How to watch the Apple event

Apple Spring Loaded event live stream: How to watch the Apple event
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The Apple Spring Loaded event is taking place in mere hours, and we’re expecting some big product announcements like the new iPad Pro 2021, Apple AirTags, a new iMac and maybe even more.

Here’s how to watch the Apple Spring Loaded event, and a guide to which new Apple products you could see if you tune in. As with previous Apple events, you’ll be able to stream the whole thing from anywhere you are.

How to watch the Apple Spring Loaded event

Apple’s Spring event is its first major product showcase of 2021, and it will begin at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT / 6 p.m. BST today (Tuesday, April 20).

There are a few ways you can watch the Apple event live stream. Apple will stream the whole thing on its YouTube channel; we’ve also embedded the stream below, so if you stay tuned to Tom’s Guide you can watch along as we live blog the event and all the big announcements.

You can also watch the Spring Loaded event on Right now there’s only a holding page, though if you use Apple’s Calendar app you can click "Add to your calendar” to set yourself a reminder.

The event will also be available to watch through the Apple TV app, so you can stream it on any compatible device including the Apple TV itself.

Apple Spring Loaded event products

Thanks to various leaks, we already have a good idea of what Apple could reveal during its Spring Loaded event: the iPad Pro 2021 and AirTags are currently the most likely to make an appearance, followed by the new iMac 2021.

Other Apple products are rumored to be in the works, like the AirPods 3, the Apple TV 2021 and maybe even the iPad Mini 2021 and a new iPad, though these aren’t looking quite as certain. Here’s what we know so far on Apple’s potential Spring Loaded event lineup.

iPad Pro 2021

How to watch the Apple Spring Loaded event: iPad Pro 2021

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A new iPad Pro 2021 seems like a sure thing, likely bringing a mini-LED display along with it. This could help the new iPad Pro product deeper blacks and higher contrast, even if the rest of the design remains familiar. MacOtakara has previously reported that Apple will leave most of the new iPad Pro "housing design unchanged," though we could still see small tweaks like slimmer bezels. It could be accompanied by a new Magic Keyboard design too.

The iPad Pro 2021’s internal specs remain unclear: some rumors indicate it will use the as-yet-unannounced Apple A14X chip, though this is apparently based on the Apple M1 chip used in laptops like the MacBook Pro with M1. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has also claimed that whatever the name of the iPad 2021’s chip, it will have power on par with the M1 itself.


How to watch the Apple Spring Loaded event: AirTags

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Apple’s long-awaited AirTags are likely to finally make their debut at the Spring Loaded event. If you’re not familiar with the years’ worth of rumors, AirTags are tracking tags similar to the Tile Mate, and use a combination of Bluetooth, Ultra-Wideband tech and Apple’s Find My app to help you track down lost items.

An iOS 14.5 beta update recently added references to tracking items like keys and luggage, so at last it looks like the AirTags are imminent — and the Apple Spring Loaded event would be the perfect chance to reveal them. We don’t know for sure what the devices will look like, but expect them to be small enough to clip onto a keychain or the zipper of your suitcase.

iMac 2021

How to watch the Apple Spring Loaded event: iMac 2021

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Following Apple discontinuing the iMac Pro, it sounds like Apple has been working on a new iMac generation with Apple Silicon hardware — and could announce it during the Spring Loaded event. The Apple Silicon iMac has popped up in rumor circles since late last year, with most hinting at an early 2021 release. A Spring reveal would therefore be just right for timing.

Considering the immense success of the M1 chip in Apple MacBooks, it seems inevitable that Apple Silicon would make it to the desktop iMac as well. A mini-LED display could also feature, and at least one report suggests that Apple will give the iMac series its first major redesign in years by taking inspiration from the Apple Pro Display XDR.

AirPods 3

How to watch the Apple Spring Loaded event: AirPods 3

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Apple’s next pair of wireless earbuds looked like a prime candidate for an Spring event reveal, though the AirPods 3 currently isn’t looking as likely to show as the iPad Pro 2021 or AirTags; multiple reports have indicated that it won’t go into mass production until the second half of 2021, which make make an April 20 announcement relatively premature.

Still, stranger things have happened, and we’ll be looking out for the AirPods 3 during the Spring Loaded event either way. It sounds like a pretty exciting pair of buds, too: rumors suggest it could feature improved sound quality and premium features borrowed from the AirPods Pro, like spatial audio. Photo leaks, like the one above, have also shown a more refined design with shorter stems than the current Apple AirPods.

Apple TV 2021

How to watch the Apple Spring Loaded event: Apple TV 2021

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Apple’s Spring Loaded event could also reveal a new, upgraded Apple TV box. Details here are scarce but there have been rumors of a redesigned remote, which would fix one of the current Apple TV’s big weaknesses: its own remote has a very finnicky touchpad, with the skipping inputs particularly difficult to use. The Apple TV 2021 should definitely prioritize fixing this.

We’re also expecting a new Apple A-series SoC to power the Apple TV 2021. It doesn’t need M1 horsepower, but updated internals could make tvOS tangibly faster and smoother to navigate.

iPad mini 2021

How to watch the Apple Spring Loaded event: iPad mini 2021

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Although we haven’t heard whispers of the iPad mini 2021 being announced during the Apple Spring Loaded event specifically, the current model is overdue a replacement, and with the iPad Pro 2021 set to feature, the timing is very suitable.

The iPad mini 6, as it will likely be called, could be another Apple product to get a mini-LED display. It may be bigger than previous iPad mini screens too, with one leak pointing towards a 8.4-inch display.

iPad 2021

There's also been rumor of a new entry-level iPad 2021. Rumors haven't pointed to many new features — but a possibly lower $299 price-tag.

It’s arguably unlikely that we’ll see all seven of these rumored devices revealed in one sitting, though some big announcements are surely coming. Now you know how to watch the Apple Spring Loaded event, you’ll be able to see them all yourself.

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